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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 December 2013

* Apple’s iBeacon will put the ‘internet of things’ in your pocket >>
* The Emerging Technologies Shaping Future 5G Networks >>
* Watch LeWeb’13 Paris live and dive into the next 10 years in tech and entrepreneurship >>

* These new legs will help Robonaut climb outside the space station >>
* Dr Kaku’s new book, FUTURE OF THE MIND, will go on sale Feb 25, 2014 >>
* Zuckerberg to talk about Facebook’s artificial intelligence plans >>

* Scientists claim they’ve discovered the coldest place on Earth >>
* Nuclear war would ‘end civilization’ with famine, study says >>
* Researchers develop new drug approach could lead to cures for wide range of diseases >>

* Microsoft 3rd Gen Of Photosynth, Turns 3D Images Into Video-Like Experiences >>
* Scientists Develop an Artificial Hand That Can Feel >>
* 3-D Printed Gun Ban Fails In Senate >>

* Google Wants To Put Microphones In Ceiling So That It Can Listen To Everything >>
* Google lets users create Street View >>
* Google’s Plan To Kill the Corporate Network >>

* Elon Musk Explains One Thing That Will Lead To Fundamental Breakthrough In Space Travel >>
* Apple’s iBeacon Is Ready To Take Over The Retail Sector >>
* Future of surveillance: a world that anticipates our every move >>

* Damp spots found in supposedly dry Martian tropics >>
* How nanotechnology can trick the body into accepting fake bones >>

* Will Today’s Handicapped Become Tomorrow’s First Post-Human? >>
* Using 3D printing to explain theoretical physics >>
* Industrie 4.0 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution >>

* An electronic diagnostic pill for detecting early-stage gastric cancer >>
* Three key rules of gamification of the workplace >>
* Daniel Dewey on the Intelligence Explosion >>

* What’s the future of work? David Brooks offers an intriguing list of skills. >>
* 27 of the most eye-popping cargo aircraft ever built: >>
* Life from Earth Could Have Hitched Ride to Moons of Jupiter, Saturn >>

* ‘Futurescape’ TV Show Explores Space Travel Possibilities Tonight (Video) >>
* Allow NASA to Do Great Things Again (Op-Ed) >>
* Watch The World Grow Older*, In 4 GIFs >>

* A Cybernetic Implant That Repairs Brain Damage >>
* Work on Google’s Mysterious Barge Mysteriously Halts >>
* Quadcopter vs. Swarm of Angry Bees: Place Your Bets >>

* DARPA Is Turning Finding Software Vulnerabilities Into a Game >>
* A Crash Course in How Genomes Are Sequenced >>
* Doctor On Demand Launches To Bring A $40 (Virtual) House Call To Healthcare >>

* How to analyze 100 million images for $624 >>
* New Bladeless Wind Turbine Claimed to be Twice as Efficient as Conventional Designs >>
* Robonaut Wiggles Its Fancy New Legs >>

* LG, Sharp, Qualcomm and others team up to make your house even smarter >>
* Amazon Uses Robots To Speed Up Human ‘Pickers’ In Fulfillment Centers >>

* The worst IT project disasters of 2013 >>
* Home appliance makers connect with open source ‘Internet of things’ project >>

* Protesting Google’s Shuttle, and Going Inside Samsung’s Testing Labs >>
* Bitcoins in Space! >>
* New sensor tracks zinc in cells >>

* Balancing old and new skills >>
* Students’ robotic arm can make you stronger >>
* #leweb – The robots are coming for our kids… >>

* Futurescape TV Show Explores Space Travel Possibilities Tonight (Video) >>
* Reality TV robot could be first private Mars lander >>
* Video: Mars 360: The North Pole >>

* NASA’s Morpheus Lander Completes Its First Explosion-Free Test Flight >>
* VIDEO: A peek at the future of video chat >>
* Google Does the Robot >>

* The Pirate Bay Evades Authorities Again With Obscure Volcanic Island Domain >>
* SAMSUNG HITS A WALL: Growth Expect To Fall Hard Next Year >>
* How To Turn Any Car Into A Smart Car For $100 >>

* Is there intelligent life beyond Earth? It’s the ultimate… >>
* Linux Foundation, +others, Line Up Behind New “Internet of Things” Standard >>
* Microsoft Not Developing A Bra To Stop Overeating, After All >>

* Amazon filmed Prime Air demos outside the US to avoid legal trouble with the FAA >>
* Microsoft’s new Photosynth image-stitching preview includes Street View-like mode >>
* Why Robots Are Essential to Google’s Future >>

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