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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 December 2013

* Monthly injection to prevent Alzheimer’s in five years >>
* How NSA Uses Cellphone Tracking To Find And ‘Develop’ Targets >>

* Could Particle ‘Spooky Action’ Define The Nature Of Gravity? >>
* Google’s droids take on Amazon’s drones >>
* Why Is Google Buying So Many Robot Startups? >>

* Our 10 trends for 2014 in 2 minutes >>
* Bitcoin, a Setback in China and an Endorsement on Wall Street >>
* NASA Engineers Built an Insanely Complex Bullet-Time Rig For Fun >>

* US Navy successfully launches drone from a submerged submarine >>
* NASA spacecraft captures color video; 20,000 mile-wide jetstream Saturn’s north pole >>
* New research maps the secret structure of the sun >>

* The Copenhagen Wheel official product release >>
* Made by Samsung, Shell’s Prelude is an Empire State Building on water >>
* Here’s What An Intense Crosswind Can Do To A Boeing 777 Trying To Land [VIDEO] >>

* How Medical Nanotech Will Change Humanity Forever >>
* Congress Just Held a Remarkable Two-Hour Hearing on Aliens >>
* In The Hospital Of The Future, Big Data Is One Of Your Doctors >>

* An Artificial Hand with Real Feelings >>
* You can’t get entangled without a wormhole >>

* How To Make Your Very Own Legal Drug [Video] >>
* NSA tracks about five billion mobile-phone location records every day >>
* Berkeley Lab researchers achieve nanoscale shape-memory effect >>

* New compound for slowing aging process may lead to novel brain diseases treatments >>
* Ten thousand entangled modes >>
* Cell Phone Location Data Can Fight Malaria and Terrorism, Too >>

* NASA explains how it knows so much about alien planets >>
* Viruses Build Piezoelectric Nanogenerator Through Self Assembly >>
* 400,000-Year-Old Human Ancestor DNA Sequenced –Shows Evolutionary Link to Neanderthals >>

* Bluetooth Smart to tap IPv6-powered Internet of Things after 4.1 upgrade >>
* Best, Most Stunning, Jaw-Dropping Space Station Time-Lapses of All Time, Ever >>
* Simple Solar Invention Transforms Ocean Water into Drinking Water >>

* New Solar Cell Material Acts as a Laser As Well >>
* Where is the Internet of Things heading in 2014? >>
* Israeli Researchers Stop The Brain From Aging To Prevent Alzheimer’s >>

* Bitcoin banned from Chinese banks amid fears of laundering >>
* Physicists Discover World’s First Naturally-Occurring Topological Insulator >>
* MSI reveals two GT60 laptops with 3K displays >>

* 4 Robotics Trends from the International Robot Exhibition 2013 >>
* New ‘Active’ Invisibility Cloak Shields Across Light Frequencies >>
* Human Perseverance Linked to Brain Region >>

* Mice Inherit Fear of Certain Scents from Ancestors’ Genes >>
* Satellite cooling system breakthrough >>
* Virtual wall builds invisible barrier and could stop spread of oil spills >>

* 3-D mammography increases cancer detection and reduces call-back rates >>
* Bitcoin Drops 30 Percent Overnight >>
* Twitter adds female board member >>

* SmartPower Strip works with SmartThings WiFi hub to keep your home always connected >>
* The ‘Circle Of Competence’ Theory Will Help You Make Vastly Smarter Decisions >>
* How Elon Musk Desperately Tried To Get A Job At Netscape >>

* Someone Bought A Tesla Using Bitcoin (TSLA) >>
* How 3D Printers Are Cranking Out Eyes, Bones, and Blood Vessels >>
* Why computers of the next digital age will be invisible >>

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