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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 December 2013

* Amazon 30 minute Drone Delivery >>
* Amazon and Walmart are competing to get same day delivery now but Amazon is looking to 30 minute delivery >>

* Broken ‘clock’ gene leads to brain damage >>
* Smart socks the future of wearable tech >>
* Amphiro’s a1 self-powered water and energy meter >>

* New algorithm finds you, even in untagged photos >>
* Dell preparing to squeeze 4K resolution onto a 24-inch monitor >>

* Bright Green Dystopias – they’re Elemental >>
* Newly captured photo shows Russia’s new badass shark stealth fighter >>
* Futuristic Video Games May Change the Way You Learn >>

* First Chinese Rover On Its Way To The Moon >>
* First use of retrograde gene therapy on a human heart >>
* Drug-carrying nanoparticles delivered orally to replace injections >>

* Israeli Startup Develops Wireless Mobile Chargers Using Infrared Light >>
* Everything Is Becoming a Branch of Computer Science >>
* What will it take to set up colonies in space? >>

* Drones to deliver medicine and food? Drones for disaster relief? 6 ways a physical internet could do good >>
* Run Keeper:The best way to get and stay fit >>
* Giant brain-training dataset attracts scientists >>

* It’s an Internet of drones >>
* In a Decade Robots Will Outnumber Humans in the U.S. Army >>
* FiLIP Smartwatch Helps Parents Track Their Child’s Location >>

* 4D Printing: Self-Folding Protein >>
* These four chimps could soon be legally recognized as people >>

* Marching into the Future of 3D-Printed War >>
* An Amazing 360-Degree Simulation Of The Big Bang >>

* Why Computers Love to Think in Triangles >>
* City Cynic: ‘Against The Smart City’ By Adam Greenfield (Review) >>
* Mediated Visions >>

* Solar Pressure May Help Kepler Return To Planet-Hunting Duties >>
* Next Windows release reportedly codenamed ‘Threshold,’ set to further unify Microsoft operating systems >>
* VIDEO: Chinese mission to Moon launches >>

* IBM Research engineers a ninja polymer that kills deadly bacteria like MRSA >>
* Google Brings The Telethon Online With First-Ever “Hangout-a-thon” >>
* A Beginning, Not An End, For My Digital-Fitness Experiment >>

* Nanorobot for transporting drugs in the body >>
* Energy drinks ‘change heart beat’ >>

* Change Agents: Rear-facing helmet camera looks ahead >>
* Xbox One Kinect: Does It Do Everything Microsoft Promised Four Years Ago? >>
* Astronomy Cast 324: Sun Grazers >>

* Sony files patent for ‘SmartWig’ >>
* Nanorobot for transporting drugs in the body >>
* World’s First Tidal-Powered Lagoon Could be Coming to Swansea Bay >>

* Not creating more old people is not the answer to poorly structured pension and labor policies >>
* Safe Spacecraft? Use a Diaphragm | Video >>
* Why Successful People Define Their ‘Circle Of Competence’ >>

* Elon Musk Explains What He Actually Does At His Companies >>
* Bitcoin Is At A Crossroads >>
* A new weapon in the war against superbugs >>

* I, Drone >>
* Here’s What’s Going To Happen When You Miss Your Amazon Drone Delivery [PARODY] >>
* Three Reasons Amazon Will Keep Stealing Business From Wal-Mart and Best Buy >>
* What if an Amazon delivery drone crashes into me? + 6 other key questions >>
* Amazon Is Joining, Not Starting, The Drone-Delivery Revolution >>

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