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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 November 2013

* Countdown to the galactic census >>
* Could this be future of renewable energy? >>
* DARPA Wants to Fix Broken Brains, Restore Lost Memories >>

* HIV response ‘at turning point’ >>
* How Smart Cars Enable Smart Criminals >>
* A tiny implant could replace booster shot injections >>

* Mechanism behind blood stem cells’ longevity discovered >>
* Genetically modified cells monitor blood fat levels and release hormones to make you feel full, test on obese mice help them lose weight >>
* Interplanetary missions as secondary payloads >>

* Molecular switch that controls neuron communication discovered >>
* A material that can regenerate itself when damaged >>
* How to Burst the “Filter Bubble” that Protects Us from Opposing Views >>

* UK company plans high altitude solar and wind energy generating drones >>
* Alzheimers could just be late stage type 2 diabetes and avoidable with diet and exercise >>
* Netherlands TNA working on platooned cars in public road tests >>

* It’s Alive! The world’s first algae-powered building >>
* Comet ISON Is Alive! Survives Sun Swing | Video >>
* UniKey Unlocks Doors by Touch, for 21st Century Entry >>

* ‘spy camera’ takes 3D photos in almost COMPLETE darkness by measuring photon particles in air >>
* Consumers enamored with mobile banking, experts say >>
* Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘to launch in early 2014’ >>

* A virtual factory you can feel >>
* A self-healing satellite? Students seek your funds to launch prototype >>
* A Universe Made of Stories: Why We Need a Science and Technology Dialogue >>

* 3-D images, with only one photon per pixel >>
* US eyes phase-out of old telephone network >>
* The Moon Doesn’t Belong to Anyone >>

* Bitcoin Is A Few Bucks Away From Gold >>
* What is a Bitcoin, and why is it worth $1,170? >>
* The Bitcoin bubble It looks overvalued. But even if this digital currency crashes.. >>

* Automated UV laser microsurgery simplifies microscopy and neurophysiology experiments in live animals >>
* A History Of The World’s Tallest Skyscrapers >>
* Drone Technology Could Be The ‘Game Changer’ In Farming >>

* Watch A Screaming Mob Fight Over Televisions At Wal-Mart >>
* 11 Deals Black Friday Wal-Mart Shoppers Fought Over >>

* Man Makes Firing Gun With Items He Bought AFTER Going Through Airport Security >>
* Lawrence Krauss: Quantum Computing Explained (VIDEO) >>
* Hands-On Samsung’s New Gear >>

* Researchers Study Gene Families To Understand Why Human Brains Are Bigger Than Other Mammals >>
* The future of the Higgs boson >>

* How Big Data Will Lower Costs and Advance Personalized Medicine >>
* Scientists Fingerprint Single Cancer Cells to Map Cancer’s Family Tree >>
* Snapshots differentiate molecules from their mirror image >>

* New Computer-Designed ‘Drug’ Prevents AIDS From Replicating >>
* “TRANSHUMAN VISIONS” conference in San Francisco >>

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