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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 November 2013

* This Washing Machine Will Turn On When A Dog Barks >>
* Bitcoin Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Money >>
* NASA unveils plans to bring Kepler space telescope back to life in search for new planets >>

* This Is the Man Bill Gates Thinks You Absolutely Should Be Reading >>
* Russia starts ambitious super-heavy space rocket project >>
* Off the grid: Walgreens opens self-powered pharmacy of the future >>

* Google Street View adds panoramic peeks at airports, train stations and subway stops >>
* Inexpensive ‘nano-camera’ can operate at the speed of light >>
* Incredible Astrophoto: Deep and Wide View of the Milky Way >>
* Google Makes Talking To Your Computer Slightly Less Crazy With Speech Search Chrome Extension >>

* SpaceX Heads To Orbit With Improved, Game-Changing Rocket >>
* A brain reward gene influences food choices in the first years of life >>
* Home computers discover gamma-ray pulsars >>

* $500 ‘nano-camera’ can operate at the speed of light >>
* Oxytocin: the monogamy hormone? >>
* The Chinese Have Bought Out An Entire Country’s Oil Sector >>

* Germ-killing nanosurface opens up new front in hygiene >>
* Are Electric Vehicles a Fire Hazard? >>
* Noisy qubits destroy data in order to save it >>

* Microsoft Xbox One bans swear words >>
* Molecular motors” involved in chromosome transport observed >>
* Smart Grid: USDA Approved $14.3 Million Grant To Further The Technology >>

* Introduction to the 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2013 | MIT Technology Review >>
* Hands-on with the G Flex, LG’s first curved smartphone >>
* Learn Over 60 Google Now Commands with This Infographic >>

* An iPhone-Piloted RC Plane That Does Most of the Flying For You >>
* Interview: iRobot CTO Paolo Pirjanian Talks Present and Future of Robotics >>

* NASA is creating “genius materials” on board ISS >>
* Lock8 Smart Bike Lock Surpasses Funding Goal >>
* How 3D Printing Is About To Radically Extend The Limits of Human Performance >>

* Inside The World’s Biggest Consumer 3D Printing Factory >>
* Google now inviting developers to buy Glass >>
* First look: iBuyPower’s Steam Machines prototype >>

* New inks and tools allow 3-D printing of lithium-ion batteries >>
* China connects 18th nuclear reactor to the grid >>
* Andrea Rossi and his company are taking pre-orders for the 1 megawatt LENR Energy Catalyzer >>

* How To Ship A 17-Ton Magnet >>
* Berkeley Lab scientists record first inside look at carbon-capture molecular structure >>
* What If – Why Educators Should Teach Science Fiction >>

* What Does The Future Of Crime Look Like? >>
* By 2016 over half your IT spending will be on the cloud >>

* The Guide to the Future of Medicine: 40 Trends Shaping the Future >>
* Economy Class Seating On A Pan Am 747 In The Late 1960′s see how bad things are now !!! >>
* How Do Airlines Know If It’s Safe to Fly in Bad Weather? >>

* How Google Convinced Its Engineers That Managers Matter >>
* In Silicon Valley, Partying Like It’s 1999 Again >>
* Superconducting Memristors >>

* How Scientists Could Watch Brain Chemicals Through The Skull >>
* Visiting the world’s largest building >>
* Time-lapse movies from an infrared microscope >>

* Why Care About the N.S.A.? >>
* New Wave Energy wants to put power plants in the sky >>
* How Scientists Are Learning To Shape Our Memory >>

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