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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 November 2013

* Nymi, The Heartwave-Sensing Wristband For ID Authentication, Launches SDK >>
* Satellite ‘Search And Rescue’ Imaging Finally Comes Of Age >>
* Oculus Rift-based virtual reality game could help restore 3D vision (video) >>

* Automatic’s Smart Driving Assistant Comes To Amazon Easier To Boost Your Ride’s IQ >>
* Phenomarkers Could Transform Personalized Medicine; Can Digital Health Deliver? >>

* Apple buys motion sensor making firm >>
* How Technology Unlocks Human Potential >>
* Epigenome Changes As Muscles Age >>

* FDA Orders Personal Genomics Company 23andMe To Stop Selling DNA Test >>
* 23andStupid: Is 23andMe Self-Destructing? >>
* The Letter: FDA Orders 23andMe to Halt Sales >>
* The FDA’s Battle With 23andMe Won’t Mean Anything in the Long Run >>

* Yes, One Person Could Actually Destroy the World >>
* SpaceX to Launch Landmark Commercial Satellite Mission Today: Watch It Live >>
* Forrester: Top Technology Trends for 2014 And Beyond >>

* Breaking the brain clock predisposes nerve cells to neurodegeneration >>
* New inks and tools allow 3-D printing of lithium-ion technology. >>
* Neural Networks and Deep Learning Book Project >>

* STUDY: ‘Very Surprising’ Connection Between Bitcoin’s Creator And Founder Of Silk Road >>
* Microsoft’s device chief sees a future without three versions of Windows >>
* Half an operating system: The triumph and tragedy of OS/2 >>

* Arm yourself: The API wars are coming >>
* The internet mystery that has the world baffled >>

* Another Reason to Hate Lawyers: They’re Destroying American Society >>
* DARPA has a new vacuum power amplifier which was demonstrated at 0.85 terahertz >>
* “Life on Alien Planets May Only Be Fleeting” -New ET Search for Biosignatures >>

* The Rush to Coin Virtual Money With Real Value >>
* iREX 2013 Robot Mashup >>

* Scientists re-imagine how genomes are assembled >>
* Roaring to the Moon, Lunar Lion pays launch reservation fee >>
* Beyond encryption: Stronger security for wireless communications >>

* Russell’s Paradox: Here’s Why Math Can’t Have A Set Of Everything >>
* How Thieves Stole $1 Million In Bitcoins From A ‘Bitcoin Bank’ >>
* Neural Networks and Deep Learning: first chapter goes live >>

* In The Future, You May Have To Pay The Bank To Hold Your Money >>
* Beating cancer by blocking off its escape routes >>

* Early life built Earth’s continents >>
* Why Advertisers Could Pay Your Entire Phone Bill By The End Of Next Year >>
* Quad Brings A Mobile Messaging App To College Campuses 500-Person Chats >>

* Text messages tell drivers when there’s a jam ahead >>
* Connected Kitchens Get Cooking >>
* What Are These Boxes Doing Floating Through Space? >>

* Man Decorates House With 502,165 Holiday Lights, Shatters World Record >>
* The Pace of Technology Adoption is Speeding Up >>
* How is Big Data Transforming Your 80/20 Analytics? >>

* Scientists prove X-ray laser can solve protein structures from scratch >>
* Admit it: we can’t measure our ecological footprint >>
* My quantum algorithm won’t break the internet… yet >>

* How Scientists Are Learning To Shape Our Memory >>
* Ultrasound-released nanoparticles may help diabetics avoid the needle >>
* Three Reasons We Are Not In A Tech Bubble >>

* Aw, Look At These Cute Miniature Satellites Being Launched Into Space >>
* Why Swarm Is Watching Our Magnetic Field >>
* How Supercomputers Will Yield a Golden Age of Materials Science >>

* Computer teaches itself common sense >>
* Lust for life: breaking the 120-year barrier in human ageing >>

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