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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 November 2013

* Home automation with Revolv >>
* Gillmor Gang: Dreamforce 2013 Live (web – request/response to listen/analysis/react) >>

* Viral video philosopher Jason Silva: “We’re going to cure aging” >>
* The Chinese hotel run by robots: From doormen to waiters, all your needs are met by cyborg staff >>
* Qualcomm wants to bring ‘brains’ to smartphones, tablets >>

* Uber-For-Laundry Startup Washio Uses Ninjas To Get Your Dirty Clothes Clean >>
* How plain, old WiFi will revolutionize the cellular industry >>

* “Space-Age Google” Joins with NASA to Crowdsource Asteroid Detection >>
* This company predicts what diseases you’ll get and helps you prevent them >>
* David Botstein, 71, on Joining Google’s Anti-Aging Play, Calico >>

* “School in the Cloud” opens – and in a North Tyneside classroom >>
* The IceCube Project >>
* NASA is unwilling to share the costs of a Mars Flyby so Dennis Tito must look to Russia or China >>

* Harvard Business Review says if you want to change the world then partner with China >>
* Enter Popular Science’s 8th Annual Invention Awards >>
* Redesigning Humans: Choosing Our genes, Changing Our Future >>

* Batteries Woven Right Into Fabric Boost Wearable Tech >>
* More-realistic 3D imaging technique speeds up production of movie images, modeling human organs >>
* Do Smart Devices Need Regulation? FTC Examines Internet Of Things >>

* How Google Could End Web Censorship In China In Two Easy Steps >>
* The Salesforce/HP Superpod – Coming To An Enteprise Near You? >>
* Doctor Who stars humbled by fan turnout at London event >>

* Surgeon test-drives Google Glass in the operating room >>
* Must-have downloads: The top apps for any phone >>
* Signs of Aging, Even in the Embryo >>

* NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software >>
* How 10 people built a competitor to Amazon.com for $1 million—in 90 days >>

* A third of young women feel they ‘cannot cope’ >>
* I’m 36 Years Old and Living the Life of a Millennial >>

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