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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 November 2013

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* Icy Observatory Detects Neutrinos From Outside Our Solar System >>
* The era of neutrino astronomy has begun >>
* Your next TV could come from a printer >>

* Taste simulator lets you sample virtual food >>
* Why Can’t We Walk And Wear Google Glass At The Same Time? >>
* Robot surgeons to operate on beating human hearts >>

* You can draw circuit boards onto paper with this pen (video) >>
* IROS 2013: UAVs Get a Grip With Full-Size Robot Arms >>
* What will NASA be doing with its new quantum computer? >>

* ISS Astronauts Fire-Up Awesome ‘Cubesat Cannon’ >>
* Mobile Personal Assistant App Donna Can Email Contacts To say You’re Running Late >>

* New Indoor Navigation Technologies Work Where GPS Can’t >>
* Donor Heart Brought Back To Life Outside Body; Could Increase Organs supply 50% >>
* Watch a volcano birth an entire new island >>

* World’s smallest FM radio transmitter >>
* Using a CT scan and 3D printer to recreate a dinosaur fossil >>
* Chaotic physics in ferroelectric materials may allow for brain-like computing >>

* Universal Law of Commuting Discovered in African, European and US Mobile Phone Data >>
* Stonehenge archaeologists have been digging in the wrong place! >>
* This New Li-On Battery Packs More Power and Is Way Safer, Too >>

* Take a Virtual 3-D Spacewalk Outside the International Space Station >>
* Silicon Valley Goes to Space – A PBS Documentary Film >>
* Universities create 3D printing spaces but at unequal paces >>

* The Challenges of Lasers in Space >>
* Applications now open for Singularity University Graduate Studies Program 2014 >>
* Rethinking Psychology; The 29 Senses of Normal >>

* Pew! Pew! Laser On The Space Station Will Beam Video To Earth >>
* Internet Of Things Platform Provider Jasper Wireless Hires Rajat Bahri As CFO >>
* If Senators Really Like Bitcoin They Should Encourage Banks To Cooperate >>

* Is Google’s Secretive Research Lab Working on Human-Dolphin Communication? >>
* Make Your Own Cheap Home Automation in 10 Minutes with Ninja Blocks >>
* Building a (Virtual) Roman Emperor’s Villa >>

* We’re Being Driven to Distraction by Clamorous Computing >>
* SpaceX passes NASA safety review, on target for manned launch in 2017 >>
* Your future OLED TV could be created with an inkjet printer >>

* New Smart Glasses Allow Nurses To See Veins Through Skin >>
* Robox is a Robot in a box that’s ‘not just a 3D printer’ >>
* Two human proteins found to affect how ‘jumping gene’ gets around >>

* Researchers in Germany build bio-based solar cell >>
* Scientists identify gene that regulates body weight in humans and mice >>
* Scientists show how cells protect their DNA from catastrophic damage >>

* What 11 Billion People Mean for Water Scarcity >>
* Crowd-sourcing Goes Mainstream in Typhoon Haiyan Response >>
* Graphene: The wonder material being used to create thinner, stronger condoms >>

* Do Finnish men age faster when unemployed? >>
* Radical New Miracle Material Graphene, Could Save The World’s Economy (Videos) >>
* Solar-Powered Battery Woven Into Fabric Overcomes Hurdle for Wearable Electronics >>

* NASA Halts Work on its New Nuclear Generator for Deep Space Exploration >>
* In 2018 Japan will have one person over 65 for every two working age people >>
* Playing Computer Games Together Makes Brains Feel and Think Alike >>

* Mapping the Brain’s Connectome and Computer Chips in Your Brain >>
* LG promises update for ‘spying’ TV >>
* Jumbo jet ‘stuck’ at wrong airport >>

* This Robot Is Changing How We Cure Diseases >>
* >>

* Kickstarter Project ‘Astrobase Command’ Is Unlike Anything You’ve Played Before >>
* ‘Shape memory’ and cow tendons : Bill Gates condom contest awards winners >>
* First Americans came directly from Siberia, researcher says >>

* In Our Future Without Antibiotics Almost Everything Could Kill You >>
* Silicon Valley And The Auto Industry Are Battling Over How To Bring Apps Into Cars >>
* Tech Is Hiring More Women Than Men For The First Time In 10 Years >>

* Nanoparticle Suspension and Ultrasound Deliver Insulin Without Regular Injections >>
* Eat Nuts, Live Longer? >>
* Ancient DNA from Siberian boy links Europe and America >>

* Benioff’s vision of connection >>
* 12 questions about Bitcoin you were too embarrassed to ask >>
* How Much Is Your Life Worth? >>

* Multibeam femtosecond optical transfection for the ultimate brain interface >>
* High-energy gamma ray burst could re-shape astrophysics theories, scientists >>
* How Your Mistakes Can Make You a More Rational Person >>

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