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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 November 2013

* Ultra-small Rotary Encoder among World’s Smallest >>
* Why Instagrams get built but Hyperloops have not >>

* 58 metre high SeaOrbiter. Part submarine, part ship, will carry 22 crew for long periods >>
* Startup Tribogenics develops smart phone sized portable x-ray machines >>
* A durable, low-cost water splitter made of silicon and nickel >>

* Developing a Fax Machine to Copy Life on Mars >>
* Wrist-Sized Bone Scanner Could Fly To The Space Station In 2016 >>
* How far away are we from major new treatments cancer, heart disease and alzheimers? >>

* Moore’s Law on Steroids: Computing Power for One Type is Doubling Every Three Weeks >>
* Bitcoin Hits $600 >>
* Why Isn’t Bitcoin Interesting To Leading Economists? >>

* Honda starts testing Walking Assist device in large-scale US trials >>
* AIRO wristband tracks not just sleep, exercise and stress, but also what you eat >>
* Penrose claims to have glimpsed universe before Big Bang >>

* The Future of Augmented Reality [HD] >>
* New video series aims to popularize transhumanism; Kickstarter launched >>
* Thinking Ahead about Nanotechnology >>

* Almost Human >>
* New effort launched to personalize medicine in heart treatment >>
* Researchers create self-healing batteries inspired by artificial robot skin >>

* New algorithms can tell if you ride the bus, and how bad you drive >>
* New Medical Device Treats Epilepsy With A Well-Timed Zap >>

* Engineered glowing worms detect neural effects of drugs >>
* Extinguishing the tantrum cycle >>
* Killer Robots Could Be Banned By The UN Before 2016 >>

* Yahoo Will Follow Google In Encrypting Data Center Traffic, All Traffic Q1’14 >>
* Parallel Worlds exist and will soon be testable, expert says >>
* Gene plays major role in suppressing cancer >>

* Can Artificial Meat Save The World? >>
* The Spacecraft That Will Answer The Biggest Mars Mystery Launches Today >>
* Some Sketches Of The Bended-Glass Smartphone Samsung Is Thinking About Making >>

* Solar Power Could Be A Total Gamechanger — But They Still Need To Figure Out >>
* Scientists generate “mini-kidney” structures from human stem cells >>
* Scientists fingerprint single cancer cells to map cancer’s family tree >>

* Physicists reveal a quantum Cheshire cat >>
* Study reveals potential breakthrough in hearing technology >>
* Pilots Rely Too Much on Automation, Panel >>

* Valve’s SteamOS Machines could have implications for Silicon Valley Hollywood >>
* Why haven’t we meet aliens >>
* Hans Rosling: How much do you know about the world? >>

* Here’s The Argument That Bitcoin Is Collapsing Before Our Very Eyes >>
* Correlor: Unlocking People’s ‘Social DNA’ To Make Advertisment More Targeted >>
* Smartphones’ GPS reveals how transport is used in cities and improves route planning >>

* TapTap, a touch communication wristband >>
* Robots That Pay Attention To You >>
* Mars moon experiment growing plants on artificial mars, moon and earth sand >>

* Growing plants on Mars: Wageningen UR goes extraterrestrial >>
* The Luck factor in Great Decisions >>
* World Population 11b 2100 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 November 2013 >>

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