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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 November 2013

* Watson Is Going To Be Open For Public Use on the Cloud >>
* VIDEO: ‘Smart’ teddy monitors your child >>
* TeamLabBody 3D human anatomy app >>

* FDA Approves artifical pancreas you can wear >>
* Phone app to locate defibrillators >>
* Our most important technology project yet, hints Stephen Wolfram >>

* Spacemaker VR: Walk Inside Your 3d Designs >>
* Given Imaging’s PillCam May Make Colonoscopies A Thing Of The Past >>
* Occipital Structure Sensor >>

* Doctors Could Soon Be Performing Transplants Using Organs Infected With HIV >>
* Car Mechanic Dreams Up Genius Baby-Vacuum To Ease Births >>
* A Self-Assembling Molecular Train Set >>

* IBM Watson is Fueling a New Era of Cognitive Apps >>
* IBM Opens Up Watson As A Web Service >>
* Cognitive Computing For All: IBM Releases a Legion of Watsons >>
* IBM to Announce More Powerful Watson via the Internet >>

* First-Ever ‘Robot Suicide’ Reported; Rogue Roomba Switches Self On, Climbs Onto Hotplate, Burns Up >>
* Men stroked to shed light on chemistry that bonds relationships >>
* New research shows how brain prepares to start searching >>

* NEC Shows Off New Papero Petit Robot >>
* Study: Your brain sees things you don’t >>
* Single photon detected but not destroyed >>

* Bird Flu Strain Jumps From Animals To People For The First Time >>
* Review (with video!): DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter >>
* Deep Learning 101 >>

* Interview: Robert Scoble on Data, Algorithms and the Future of Marketing >>
* Guts of Superfast Black Hole Jets Revealed >>
* Mobile Health: the future of medicine?: Pieter Vandervoort at TEDxUHasseltSalon >>

* Geo-Located Tweets Reveal International Patterns of Human Travel >>
* Ollo Mobile, helping seniors stay safe >>
* 20 Jobs of the Future >>

* Sugary drinks tinker with vital proteins in the brain >>
* Electron beams and radio signals from the surface of the Sun >>
* Machine learning branches out >>

* Solar-Powered Robot Structure May Be Roaming Toward a Park Near You >>
* How To Sell Yourself In 30 Seconds, And Leave People Wanting More >>
* Microsoft’s Rudder moves to new advanced strategy post >>

* Hospitals May Be Disappearing In The Era Of Health Care Reform >>
* Government requests for user information double over three years >>
* How Popcorn Messaging Got Their First Thousand Users in One Day >>

* A New Look at the Search for Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations (VIDEO Interview) >>
* Is Dark Matter Made of Tiny Black Holes? >>
* Binding Energy, Nuclear Physics, and Radiation Poisoning >>

* The Power of Networks – Answer >>
* Controlling devices with a beam of light >>
* A simplified graphical approach to machine learning >>

* A Self-Driving Mini Cooper Submarine for Commuting on the L.A. River >>
* ‘Force Field’ Could Protect New Weather Satellite, Future Human Missions >>
* “Tiny Primordial Black Holes are a Viable Candidate for Dark Matter” >>

* Penguin-inspired propulsion system >>
* This app makes images better on Android and iOS >>
* Creativity: The Mind, Machines, and Mathematics Public Debate >>

* DNA hint of European origin for dogs >>
* Forest change mapped by Google Earth >>
* We must become a multi-planet species >>

* How To Waste Time Properly; The right distractions can boost creativity. >>
* The ‘Very Large’ Hadron Collider needs a better name >>
* How Astronauts Can Explore The Martian Moon Phobos >>
* Researchers Discover How Neural Circuits Zero in on the Specific Information Needed For Decisions >>

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