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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 November 2013

* Physicists devise a means for measuring blood flow inside the body >>
* Eyes cells help diagnose Alzheimer’s >>
* Physicists Now Want a Very Large Hadron Collider >>

* Demo of Prototype Virtual Retinal Head Mounted Display >>
* Hairlytop Interface moves organically in response to light >>
* IceCure’s Treatment Turns Tumors Into Ice Balls Reports Success In Lung Cancer Trial >>

* VIDEO: Fake ash cloud tests plane equipment >>
* Google’s now bigger than Magazine and Newspaper Industries >>
* How the Brain Creates Personality: A New Theory >>

* DOCOMO world’s first 1.2 gbps transmission with single-size antenna for LTE-advanced >>
* 4D printing will mean the future makes itself >>
* Smartphone accelerometers distinguish between different transportation modalities >>

* Video: How Mars Looked 4 Billion Years Ago >>
* Team building an MRI-guided robotic heart catheter >>
* Prosthetic Hands Trigger Uncanny Valley Sense of Creepiness >>

* The First World Trade Center Tower Since 9/11 Opens Today >>
* Hydrogen phone chargers to keep Africans connected when power runs short >>
* ‘404’ Tops List Of Most Popular Words Of 2013 >>

* Mobile Is The Only Media That Is Growing — TV, Print, Radio Are All Shrinking >>
* Video: Monkeys Control Avatar’s Arms Through Brain-Machine Interface >>
* New experiments offer insight into how insects fly and how to design tiny flying robots >>

* StrMobile Is The Only Media That Is Growing — TV, Print, Radio Are All Shrinking >>
* Structure of bacterial nanowire protein hints at secrets of conduction (w/ Video) >>
* Enhanced carbon nanotubes detect molecules at trace amounts >>

* The Future And You–November 13, 2013 >>
* Bill Gates: How I Became the Editor of WIRED (for One Issue) >>
* Meet the Mini Metal Maker: A basic, sub-$1,000 3D printer that prints metal >>

* How Self-Driving Cars Will Change The World >>
* The View From Saturn >>
* How NASA Will Use 3D Printers in Space (Video) >>

* Twitter Launches Custom Timelines For TweetDeck >>
* Microsoft Wants to Power Its Data Centers With Fuel Cells >>
* Kyocera has launched a 70-megawatt solar plant in Kagoshima >>

* Google Glass and Wearables Hackathon >>
* Brain-machine interface allows precise control of coma and general anesthesia >>
* Popsci inovation of year; Second Sight Argus II >>

* You Can Tell Your Facebook Friends What You Want Them To Buy You On Amazon >>
* This ‘Star Trek’ Medical Device Grabbed $10.5 Million In Investment Funding >>

* Evidence of 3.5-billion-year-old bacterial ecosystems found in Australia >>
* 3D Body-Part Printer And 8 Other Tech Jobs Coming In The Future >>
* Listen To Haunting Audio Of Symphony Crowd Learning Of President Kennedy’s Assassination >>

* Hacked Google Glass recognises finger gestures >>
* Using airport screening technology to visualize waves in fusion plasma >>
* What Earth would be like if humans never existed >>

* Better batteries through biology? >>
* Toshiba’s new SDHC WiFi cards can save to the cloud and your phone at the same time >>

* Flexible Mobile Devices Get a Flexible Battery Made From Nanotubes >>
* What Will Kill Bitcoin First? >>
* These Autonomous Dump Trucks Let Mines Operate Around the Clock >>

* 24 Accidental Scientific Discoveries That Changed the World >>
* A basic income of about $10,000 per US citizen would work mathematically >>
* Toughpad 4K Windows 8 Tablet With 9.8 Megapixel Screen >>

* An Entire Generation Of Humans Is Developing ‘App Consciousness’ >>
* App Smart: With Apps, Children Can Play the Game of Math >>
* The Nice Girls of Lulu, So-Called ‘Yelp for Men’ >>

* TSA screening works only ‘a little better than chance,’ according to government report >>
* Smooth operators: why phone companies don’t fight the NSA >>

* Story Behind This Robotic Butt, and How it Could Someday Help You (And Your Butt >>
* Morph: a bold seating concept for flexible air travel >>
* How much money do the top technology companies make per second? >>

* How Graphene Might Change The World >>
* Engineers Demonstrate Active Electromagnetic Cloaking >>
* Creating simpler, cheaper solar cells >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 November 2013 >>

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