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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 November 2013

* ‘Smart nappy’ alerts parents when diaper needs changing >>
* MakerBot Wants To Put A 3D Printer In Every School In America >>
* Did life on Earth have very cold beginnings? >>

* Biosensor could help detect brain injuries during heart surgery >>
* Lockheed shows off a hypersonic missile concept >>
* Remote virtual surgery via Google Glass and telepresence >>

* GrowCube promises to grow food with ease indoors (hands-on) >>
* Google Glass explores music features >>
* How the Brain Creates Out-of-Body Experiences >>

* Welcome to the Self-Aware Robotic Cloud >>
* Our Uncertain Future: When Digital Evolution, Global Warming and Automation Converge >>
* This Drone Could Actually Save Your Life >>

* Run yourself smarter: How exercise boosts your brain >>
* Google Chrome now lets you see which tab that unwanted music is coming from >>
* The Quantified New Dad >>

* Upp is a $199 hydrogen fuel cell for USB devices that lets you fill up instead of plugging in >>
* A Printable Humanoid Robot and Why Mourning Is Futurism >>
* Nissan to join the wearable HUD wave, teases its entrance with trippy trailer (video) >>

* NSFW The Oculus Rift Sex Simulator Is Here >>
* Watch 873 People Get Out Of An Airbus A380 In Under 90 Seconds. >>
* iRobot reboots Roomba with new technology >>

* New method gives accurate picture of gas storage by microscopic cages >>
* A nano-sized sponge made of electrons >>
* Nearly 80 percent of antibiotics consumed in the United States go to livestock farms: >>

* Here’s how we’ll be swearing in the future >>
* New method gives accurate picture of gas storage by microscopic cages >>
* Tiny Self-Assembling Transport Networks, Powered by Nano-Scale Motors and Controlled by DNA >>

* MIT Invents A Shapeshifting Display You Can Reach Through And Touch >>
* Thin, active invisibility cloak demonstrated for first time >>
* Why the Smartest People Have the Toughest Time Dating >>

* Steve Ballmer has made more than $1.7 billion since firing himself >>
* Revolv automation hub aims to unify your home >>
* Science, Technology & the Future >>

* How ridiculously powerful our computer chips have gotten, in one chart >>
* Alien spotting: By 2020, we’ll finally have the ability to locate life-harboring, alien planets >>

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