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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 November 2013

* Facebook likes wearable technology, but the tech’s not quite ready to like back >>
* NASA’s GRAIL mission gives new clues to lunar impacts >>

* Pebble CEO bets big on developers for the smartwatch’s future >>
* Live from Expand: The Industrial Revolution Starts at Home >>
* The industrial revolution in your basement: you don’t own it unless you make it >>

* Forget devices, the future of technology is seeded in biology >>
* Apple Reportedly Developing Large Curved Screen iPhones For Late 2014, Better Touchscreen Sensors >>
* Doomed European Satellite May Fall to Earth Tonight, But Where? >>

* Typhoon Haiyan kills 10,000 in Philippines: live updates >>
* Footage Of Super Typhoon Haiyan Hitting The Phillipines >>
* Un-junking junk DNA >>

* Bitcoin Crashes Nearly 25% >>
* Most Anticipated Chess Match In Decades Is Off To A Disastrous Start >>
* VIDEO: 6 Smart Home Products Which Will Cut Your Energy Bill >>

* Bubbli a cool app to see 360 degrees of the world >>
* Gigha watts: Scottish island tests batteries for wind farms >>
* Single-cell genome sequencing gets better >>

* Beautiful bridge planned for China’s Hunan province evokes knots, Möbius strips >>
* Introducing delightful robots that fuse play with programming for kids of all ages. >>
* Pricing Engine gives you advertising analytics you can understand >>

* $100K traded through Vancouver’s Bitcoin ATM in one week (with video) >>
* LUCI – Advanced Lucid Dream Inducer >>
* 300-MPH Bullet Train Will Take You From D.C. To New York In Just An Hour >>

* Earth’s Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns >>
* Teens Are Deserting Facebook, And They’re Heading To Places Where Their Parents Can’t Find Them >>
* State of Tech: Image Corpus Corralling and API Integration >>

* Robotic advances promise artificial legs that emulate healthy limbs >>
* Will robots terminate the US middle class? Q&A Tyler Cowen, author of ‘Average is Over’ >>
* An Asian view – The need for Future Oriented HR in the Innovation Age >>

* They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets. >>
* Research reveals roles for exercise and diet in aging, depression >>
* Nanosatellites Will Give Everyone Access To Space >>

* Conditioned behavior in a robot controlled by a spiking neural network >>
* New York to replace 250,000 street lights with LEDs by 2017 >>
* Aokify America Charity for brain research — VOTE NOW! >>

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