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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 November 2013

* Kinect security cameras know when you swing a punch >>
* Artificial heart to pump human waste into future robots >>
* 3D holograms of malaria sperm movement ‘may stop spread’ >>

* A Smartphone App That Detects Radiation In A Disaster >>
* Get ready for a whole new way of war >>

* Nano Panels Beam Heat Into Space | Video >>
* Researchers Dare AI Experts To Crack New GOTCHA Password Scheme >>
* Emerging consumer applications of bio-sensing neurotechnology >>

* Eyes-on with HeadsUP, a smartphone-powered HUD for your car >>
* Mobile Med-Tech Revolution Hits Hospitals >>
* Neurosurgeon bases surgery simulator on daughter’s head >>

* Opect allows surgeons to interact with data in an operating room environment >>
* Ads Could Soon Know If You’re an Introvert (on Twitter) >>
* Why the “Next Silicon Valley” Doesn’t Really Exist >>

* Typhoon Haiyan >>
* VIDEO: Inside IBM’s first African tech lab >>
* How Technology Will Make Everyone A Great Photographer >>

* Now Google Glass Knows Where You Live >>
* Robotic Surgery Is More Dangerous Than Hospitals Are Letting On >>
* Major Bitcoin theft from website, claims owner >>

* Robotic advances promise artificial legs that emulate healthy limbs >>
* Secularism, Liberalism, and the Human Future, with Russell Blackford >>
* How to print inkjet-based circuits at fraction of time and cost >>

* Design of Google’s mystery barge revealed in new proposal >>
* 8 TED Talks about the wonders of patterns >>
* Urine-powered robot to acquire human-like heart >>

* A Serious Facepalm Moment For The NSA Over Edward Snowden >>
* One Connected Home Hub To Rule Them All >>
* In The Age Of Twitter, Do We Need Oracle? Larry Ellison Isn’t Sure >>

* Wireless device converts ‘lost’ energy into electric power >>
* AGI with Profit Maximizing Shark Mentality >>
* The Future of Prosthetics: 3D printed nose, ear and eye >>

* Palm-Size Drones Buzz Over Battlefield >>
* New Kepler data could change our odds of meeting aliens >>
* Satellite Image Of Typhoon Haiyan As It Approached The Philippines >>

* Worried About Dementia? Learn a Second Language >>
* Adventures In Teledildonics: Sleek New Toys For Futuristic Computer Sex >>
* Nanotechnology Offers Potential to Predict Football Concussions >>

* Researchers find way to increase range of wireless frequencies in smartphones >>
* UK Wearable Technology Show launching in 2014 >>
* Microsoft leads a 12-minute tour of Xbox One games, TV, and apps >>

* Facepalm: new program lands facial recognition software in cops’ hands >>
* Xbox, watch tv: Inside Microsoft’s audacious plan to take over the living room >>
* Lavatory Laboratory; How sanitation is following the cell phone model. >>

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