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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 November 2013

* Build-your-own toy robots unveiled >>
* Massive DNA volunteer hunt begins >>
* Morph This Table’s Surface With Your Hands >>

* Human touch makes robots smarter: On Learning Context-Driven User Preferences >>
* The Math Trick Behind MP3s, JPEGs, and Homer Simpson’s Face >>
* Bio patch that can regrow bone >>

* Spinal cord injury: Prosthetic bladder ‘controls urine’ >>
* Autism signs ‘present in first months’ of life >>

* World’s first 3D-printed metal gun successfully fires over 50 rounds >>
* 3D-printed human cells could “replace animal testing” >>
* Astronomers Discover New Information about Black Hole Mergers >>

* Threat of asteroid hitting Earth is way more likely than we thought >>
* An App-Connected Laser Tape Measure Will Never Mistake Inches For Feet >>
* Personal Reflection Triggers Increased Brain Activity During Depressive Episodes >>

* 3-D Printing; Researchers figure out how to create structures that respond to environment after printing >>
* A Mind-Boggling Display of Earth-Like Planets >>
* Researchers surprised how neural circuits identify information needed for decisions >>

* New form gene therapy to modify DNA and transform treatment of incurable genetic diseases >>
* iPhone ‘Car Mode’ Concept Helps You Stop Driving and Texting >>
* Nanoparticle Enables Cheap and Easy Test for Blood Clots >>

* Petition to UN for a Globally Recognized World Passport >>
* Twitter Prices I.P.O. at $26 a Share >>
* Boom! From Twitter Alone, Jack Dorsey Is A Billionaire >>

* Google Text-to-Speech hits the Play Store, brings charming British accent with it >>
* Big Bang Afterglow –New Evidence that the Universe has No Center >>
* Supermassive Black Holes Mystery in the Early Universe-Not Enough Time to Exist >>

* Upstagram Is A Flying Raspberry Pi That Publishes Live Pictures On Instagram >>
* HIV ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Allows Virus to Evade Immune System >>
* The Future Belongs to the Curious >>

* Fermilab Dyson sphere searches >>
* These Printable Liquid Crystal Lasers Could Be the Future of Anti-Counterfeit Technology >>
* ‘Tumour-on-a-chip’ technology offers new direction >>

* Asteroid With Six Tails Leaves Astronomers Dumbfounded >>
* A Rare New Bacterium Thrives In Spacecraft Cleanrooms >>
* Turning to Germs in a Post-Antibiotic Era >>

* Self-correcting crystal may lead to the next generation of advanced communications >>
* An analog synaptic transistor with spike-timing-dependent plasticity learning >>
* The Next F-35 Lightning’s Engine Adapts for Flight, Fight, and Beyond >>

* Inertial Sensors Boost Smartphone GPS Performance >>
* Speaking more than one language may delay dementia >>
* Lice Reveal Clues to Human Evolution >>

* Fountain of youth’ gene is discovered – and scientists say it could help heal wounds >>
* Nanotechnology Offers Potential to Predict Football Concussions >>
* IROS 2013: JPL’s Microspine Rock-Climbing Robot >>

* Is This Tiny Shuttle The Future of Spaceflight? >>
* Researchers devise means for creating controlled coordinated swarming (w/ Video) >>
* The hi-tech tabletop that creates a 3D version of YOU that moves in realtime >>

* VIDEO: Fate of Google’s barges revealed >>
* Time for Internet Engineers to Fight Back Against the “Surveillance Internet” >>
* Photon-plasmon nanowire laser offers new opportunities in light manipulation >>

* Smart robots, driverless cars work – but they bring ethical issues too >>
* Scientists identify clue to regrowing nerve cells >>
* The glial menagerie: From simple beginnings to staggering complexity >>

* Life expectancy: Never say die >>
* Humans Can Be Dated Like Trees >>
* Social Network At The Pool Relaunches On Mobile >>

* Robots to help elderly or paint nails at Tokyo expo >>
* Cognitive computing >>
* These Two Insects Have Been At It For 165 Million Years >>

* We Can Make Bitcoin Our Own >>
* FutureMed Day 3: From Google’s Science Fair Winner to Microsoft’s Top MD >>
* ‘Star Wars’ casting call hists at DEATH of LUKE SKYWALKER? >>

* Build-A-Nanoparticle >>
* Atomic precision or atomically precise design? >>
* Brain Scientists Head to San Diego >>

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