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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 November 2013

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* One in Five Sun-Like Stars Have ‘Goldilocks’ Planets >>
* New implantable sensor may allow long-term monitoring of cancer cells and glucose >>
* Superfast rock-paper-scissors robot ‘wins’ every time >>

* Crypto boffins propose replacing certification authorities with … Bitcoin? >>
* FutureMed Day 1: ‘FutureMed’ Is Out, ‘Exponential Medicine’ Is In >>

* An Adorably Tiny Reconnaissance Drone No Larger Than a Dragonfly >>
* Maiden flight of next-gen MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter >>
* Incredible Technology: How to Launch Superfast Trips to Mars >>

* NIST to review its cryptographic standards, hopes to regain trust re NSA scandals >>
* 3D-Printing ‘Encryption’ App Hides Contraband Objects In Plain Sight >>
* D-Wave on NOVA >>

* Solar – Electric Ion Engines Designed with Simple to Advanced MNT Requirements >>
* Learning to fly: future space tourists train like fighter pilots >>
* Of Course Gas Stations Will Use Facial Recognition Tech to Serve ‘Relevant’ Ads >>

* Take a 3D animated tour of our Solar System with NASA’s models >>
* Why I want to make interstellar travel possible >>
* Some of the Most Plausible Scenarios for Alien Civilizations >>

* Lockheed Martin Is Developing A Hypersonic Spy Plane >>
* Solving The Tongue-Twisting Problems of Speech Animation >>
* The First Five Smart Home Appliances From Quirky and GE’s Future-Store >>
* Understanding of Gravity is Wrong –Two Conflicting Theories of the Universe >>

* Google’s Eric Schmidt slams NSA over ‘outrageous’ data center snooping and privacy invasion >>
* Terrorism Makes People Shop More, Study Finds >>
* Hangout on Air: Ramez Naam discusses Nexus, Crux, and The Infinite Resource >>

* Growing a New Immune System >>
* A “Complex” Theory of Consciousness >>
* Interstellar nanosat project for affordably incrementally proving technology for interstellar missions >>

* Wearable Robotics: The Incredible Tech of Helping People Walk Again >>
* Scientists map structure of key complex in the immune system >>

* How to program unreliable chips >>
* Could a Simple Ankle Sensor Help with Parkinson s Symptoms? >>
* Netflix tests 4K video streams >>

* Visiting the “we build the world’s smallest machines” R&D lab in Cork, Ireland >>
* Video: Astronomers answer key question: How common are habitable planets? >>
* New generation of robots will blur line between machine and nature >>

* Silicon Valley Has an Arrogance Problem >>
* Gigaom guide to deep learning: Who’s doing it, and why it matters >>
* YouTube debuts first-ever music awards >>

* How Many Lines of Code Does it Take? [Infographic] >>
* Urbee 2, the 3D-Printed Car That Will Drive Across the Country >>
* Interstellar mission spaceship designs require tens of megawatts per kilogram of power density >>

* Near term ideas; powerbeaming to reduce complexity, overall mass, provide propulsion, enduring space infrastructure >>
* Design of an unmanned interstellar probe using near term technology >>
* TED Fellow Rachel Armstrong speaks about combining nature and technology >>

* Is DNA From Mom or Dad? New technique will accelerate personalized medicine >>
* Snakes control blood flow to aid vision >>
* Astronomy Cast 320: Layers of the Sun >>

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