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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 November 2013

* Humanoid Robot Demonstrates Sign Language >>
* A Future Internet Might Not Use Servers >>
* Android 4.4 KitKat Targets Next Billion, Adds Pervasive Search & Improves Google Now >>

* How To Build an Intelligent Blob That Shrinks When it Detects Viruses >>
* LeWeb’13 Paris: ‘The Next 10 Years’ >>
* Need a job? The ‘Internet of Things’ wants you >>

* Artificial Blood Made In Romania >>
* DARPA wants drones to have lasers too >>
* Drive wearing Glass, get a ticket >>

* What Is The Hardware Revolution? >>
* When will Facebook contain more profiles of dead people than living, 2130s or 2060s. >>

* Why Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold—Physicists Solve the Mpemba Effect >>
* Study finds traumatic life events biggest cause of anxiety and depression >>
* How To Generate Electricity With A Bicycle [Video] >>

* Google Wants To Edit And Soundtrack Your Videos >>
* How Long Could You Survive In A Coffin If You Were Buried Alive? >>
* Elusive secret of HIV long-term immunity >>

* We’ve Finally Figured Out Why Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold >>
* What Will Be 3D Printed On Space Station? | Video >>
* Google Chrome Is Getting Automatic Blocking of Malicious Downloads >>

* Google Glass Gets an Accessory Store >>
* Could a Milky Way supernova be visible from Earth in next 50 years? >>
* Mars One to launch test mission >>

* Google Barge Holds A Secret Project, Here’s What Is Inside >>
* F-35 Fighter Jet Fires Weapons For First Time >>
* Study finds traumatic life events biggest cause of anxiety and depression >>

* Looking for Hofstadter’s Butterfly in Cold Atoms >>
* Fuelmatics and Husky develop petrol-pumping robot >>
* Are the world’s chat apps really worth $48 billion? >>

* Elon Musk’s Electric Car Company Did A Powerful Thing: The ‘Supercharger Corridor’ >>
* Star Wars: Episode VII is coming in 2015 whether it’s ready or not >>
* AIDS Scientists Encouraged By Antibodies That Hit Monkey Virus >>

* 1,900: The Number of Chocolates That Will Kill a Child >>
* Intel: A New Era Of Mobile Computing Is Here >>

* Dead meat: how to raise livestock in a post-antibiotic era >>
* The Battle for Power on the Internet >>
* I Used the World’s First Bitcoin ATM >>

* Police ‘GPS cannons’ can shoot trackers at fleeing cars, but are they legal? >>
* Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy >>

* NSA surveillance revelations hobble AT&T’s attempts at a European expansion >>
* Pentagon pushes to retool older weapon…because newer one is too destructive; Debating Nuclear Deterrence >>
* Google’s Coming to the Rescue on HealthCare.gov >>

* New techniques produce cleanest graphene yet >>
* Why everyone may have a personal air vehicle >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 October 2013 >>

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