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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 October 2013

* Cell nucleus protein in brown fat cells governs daily control of body temperature >>
* ‘Ancient brain’ helps us avoid accidents >>
* 2 Monkeys Were Paid Unequally – See What Happens Next [W/VIDEO] >>

* Vicarious AI breaks CAPTCHA ‘Turing test’ >>
* Scientists Can Now Genetically Modify Facial Features >>
* Self-Filling Gas Station Pumps: Welcome To the Lazy Future >>

* Chemists find biological complexes that beat chance >>
* Mean Girls: Women Evolved to Be Catty? >>
* Quantum reality more complex than previously thought >>

* MIT lab developing ion microthrusters for cubesats >>
* Study with totally blind people shows how light helps activate the brain >>
* Gian Giudice: Why our universe might exist on a knife-edge >>

* The Artificial Womb Is Born And The World of the Matrix begins >>
* Palm Pilot Inventor Wants to Open Source the Human Brain >>

* The ‘chemputer’ that could print out any drug >>
* At This Grocery Store, All The Convenience Food Is Prepared In-House >>

* “Other Universes are Pulling on Our Universe” — New Planck Data Triggers Controversy >>
* Google vs Death – Aging Research, a Transhumanist Response – Part 1 >>
* Star-Trek Future-NASA Engineering a Warp-Drive Solution for Faster-Than-Light Travel >>

* TIME Feature: CSO Aubrey de Grey on Google’s Newly Launched Anti-Aging Initiative >>
* Planetary Resources Arkyd 100 Space telescope demonstrator launch 2014 & 2015 >>
* This device will self destruct in 60 seconds >>

* A Chilling Discovery: The Universe’s Coldest Place >>
* Hundreds Gather to Watch Cat Videos >>
* Study finds sex is better exercise than a walk, but not quite as good as a jog. >>

* Grasshopper mouse that shrugs off scorpion stings may hold key to pain relief >>
* Physicists how many nuclear fear mongering statements are mathematically correct but silly >>
* Drone owners told: stay out of bushfire skies >>

* Dolphin technique gives blind new view of world >>
* Tiny sensors put the squeeze on light >>
* Obesity may be caused by ‘hunger gene’ >>

* Better view than courtside: Stanford basketball players don Google Glass >>
* Meet Telegram, Secure Messaging App From Founders Of VK, Russia Social Network >>

* ‘First Look’ Robot Does the Dirty Work For You >>
* Japanese Telco NTT Makes Big Bet On Silicon Valley W Launch Of Innovation Institute >>
* Inside Paul Allen’s Plan to Reverse-Engineer the Human Brain >>

* Neuroscientists discover new ‘mini-neural computer’ in the brain >>
* My Cells, My Choice >>
* The Mathematics Of Throwing A Curveball >>

* I Am Robot Boss >>
* The Internet of Bikes: This Smart Lock Lets You Track and Share Rides >>
* GPS, batteries, internet, cellular tech: Q&A about governments fueling innovation >>

* Voicesphere Brings Voice Control To Facebook, Instagram & Others Coming Next >>
* A DIY Tor Wi-Fi Access Point >>
* Trouble Hearing In A Noisy Room? There’s An App For That >>

* WIRED Space Photo of the Day: Sunrise on Mercury >>
* Analyzing hundreds of cells in a few mouse-clicks >>
* Europe: Stop Spying on Us >>

* Valley engineers want kids to program robots >>
* Lost ‘Star Wars’ Footage Shows ‘Return Of The Jedi’ Bloopers [Video] >>
* Xbox One Dashboard Demo Revealed In Full [Video] >>

* Tiny Startup Vicarious Is Creating A Human-like Brain That Runs On A Laptop >>
* New you in ten years: biotech leads the way >>
* Quantum Experiment Shows How Time ‘Emerges’ from Entanglement >>

* The Story of Drones As Told By the People Who Live Under Them >>
* United Nations to Adopt Asteroid Defense Plan >>
* Heat Wave Prediction Pattern Identified >>

* Internet of light: scientists achieve 10-gigabit data speeds using LEDs >>
* Facebook researchers are trying to predict when you and your spouse will break up >>
* Google upgrades Glass hardware, offering one-time swap for existing users >>

* Can a toy robot teach kids computer programming? >>

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