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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 October 2013

* Scientists Have Found The Part Of The Brain That Makes Us Behave >>
* Self-Assembling Robots Will Blow Your Mind >>
* Pill-Sized Implant Enters Clinical Trials as Vaccine Against Deadly Cancer >>

* Tyler Cowen: Book; Average Is Over: Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great Stagnation Future Belongs To Software Developers, Marketer >>
* CEATEC 2013 wrap-up: self-driving cars, moon-walking simulators, ‘Intelligent Glass’ >>
* Being left-handed is not ‘in the genes,’ study shows >>

* Mystery drone hits Sydney Harbour Bridge; causing terrorism officers to be alerted >>
* The Smart TV App Revolution Is Coming: Here’s What You Need To Know >>
* The 8 Hottest Companies In Wearable Tech Right Now >>

* Next-Gen Nanotech Breath Sensor Could Change How We Monitor Health >>
* Steve Jobs Or Elon Musk – Which Legendary Executive Actually Achieved More? >>
* Cloudy With a Chance of Aliens >>

* Personal Drones Burning Man; festival’s handling of safety, privacy issues may influence government regulation >>
* MIT Researchers Unveil Self-Assembling Robot Swarm >>
* Boston Dynamics WildCat robot can gallop at 16mph >>

* Einstein’s Genius Linked to Well-Connected Brain Hemispheres >>
* Can technology solve our big problems? >>
* Narrow AI vs AGI >>

* Google Hangout app fun for group video chats >>
* Novel ‘human eye’ device could diagnose disease >>
* Tour Google’s Luxurious ‘Googleplex’ Campus In California >>

* The Shutdown Is Actually a Tea Party Plot to Replace the Government with Robots >>
* Will Google Glass Make Us Better People? Or Just Creepy? >>
* 4 Companies Embracing a Major Technological Shift >>

* Drones Are Helping Make Delicious Wine >>
* The Smartphones That Will Herald The End Of Their Platform >>
* China’s Internet Army Could Have as Many as Two Million Censors >>

* 3D Printing Makes Meaning, Not Just Products >>
* Nano-dissection identifies genes involved in kidney disease >>
* New kind of microscope uses neutrons >>

* ‘Water chip’ can desalinate seawater with electrical field >>
* Well-Connected Hemispheres of Einstein’s Brain May Have Sparked His Brilliance >>
* Scientists observe competing quantum effects on the kinetic energy of protons in water >>

* Could technology be used to control your mind? >>
* Accelerating Diabetic Wound Healing >>
* Facebook Home adds Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest to lock screen (video) >>

* Cats may be key to HIV vaccine >>
* Exciting MIT droplet breakthrough could turbocharge power plants, airships and more >>
* The Big Data Conundrum: How to Define It? >>

* Scientists Think They’ve Found The Brain Issue Linked To Schizophrenia >>
* How Big Data Is Transforming The Mobile Industry >>
* 7 Reasons The Solar Revolution Is For Real >>

* 3D Printing on Mars Could Be Key for Martian Colony >>
* Synched gears interlock at 4,500 rpm on a state of the art servo system >>
* Healthcare is ‘Ripe for Disruption’ >>

* Is Google Glass the Future of Healthcare? >>
* Fitbit to launch new ‘Force’ fitness and sleep-tracking watch >>
* 3-D printing: Making your own saves energy, scientist says >>

* Detecting Disease at Stage Zero | Daniel Kraft >>
* Visually Impaired Turn to Smartphones to See Their World >>
* Shit Elon Says >>

* Researchers Find A Gene For Obesity >>
* Sports sensor is a hit at Launch conference >>
* Scientists reveal how beta-amyloid may cause Alzheimer’s >>

* New high-res images show brain activity like never before >>
* Early Cancer Diagnosis with an iPhone: MirOculus >>
* Korea’s first electric car is coming to the U.S. next year >>

* Self-powered Electrical Generators: A reality before 2050 >>
* Novel ‘human eye’ device could diagnose disease >>
* Quantum Computers Move Another Step Closer To Reality >>

* Crazy 3D-Printed Mouthpiece That Brushes Your Teeth For You >>
* Can Your Brain Be Hacked? >>
* Head-mounted interface use cases on show by Docomo at CEATEC 2013 >>

* Why glial cells should be included in the BRAIN initative >>
* The Best Stories About A.I.s Leaving Humanity Behind >>
* The Next Fitbit Will Also Be a Watch >>

* How Studying Mummies Could Cure Modern Diseases >>
* Organic Molecules Were Able to Form in Asteroids of the Early Solar System >>
* Facebook Building Major Artificial Intelligence System To Understand Who We Are >>

* First weather report on an extrasolar planet >>
* Scientists Can Now Extract Stem Cells from Brains Using Magnets >>
* Text Analyzer Reveals Emotional ‘Temperature’ of Novels and Fairy Tales >>

* Volkswagen develops augmented reality service manual for the XL1 >>
* Control Your Smartphone With This NFC Wristband >>
* Apple hires former CableLabs exec, sets TV rumor alert level to mauve >>

* Moon walker demo at CEATEC lets wannabe astronauts feel 0.6G (video) >>
* How We’ll 3D-Print The Internet Of Things >>
* Mental Exhaustion Before Exercise May Hinder Your Workout >>

* Scientists Can Now Extract Stem Cells from Brains Using Magnets >>
* Transhuman Week >>
* Is ‘massive open online research’ (MOOR) the next frontier for education? >>

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