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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 October 2013

* Scientists Have Figured Out How to Turn Off Hunger >>
* Radar technology that can detect heartbeats in rubble >>
* Peachy Printer Kickstarter Promises $100 3D Printer and Scanner – Can They Do It? >>

* We Calculated How Much Your Soul Is Actually Worth >>
* Did Venus Give Earth the Moon? Wild New Theory on Lunar History >>
* Spike Kickstarter Project Puts Accurate Laser Measurement Hardware Right On Your Smartphone >>

* How Big The Internet Of Things Could Become; 200 devices per person >>
* World’s First Commercially Viable Remote Wireless Power System >>
* Engineers invent programming language to build synthetic DNA >>

* World’s First Quantum Metamaterial Unveiled >>
* The New Kinect Will Understand Two People Talking Simultaneously >>

* Novel technology produces gasoline by metabolically-engineered microorganism >>
* Tiny medical electronics dissolve harmlessly inside your body >>

* A new paradigm for nanoscale resolution MRI has been experimentally achieved >>
* MLB’s iBeacon Experiment May Signal A Whole New Ball Game For Location Tracking >>
* Vending Machine Uses Cloud Technology to Personalize Your Purchases >>

* Who knew that blood, sweat and tears could start a health care revolution? >>
* Did Venus Give Earth the Moon? Wild New Theory on Lunar History >>
* Scientists discover brain circuitry that triggers overeating >>

* Insertable ring could prevent HIV in women >>
* Monitoring Dynamic Blood Flow On The Cheap >>
* Japan glasses translate menu as you read >>

* Harnessing the power of lightning to charge a mobile phone >>
* Engineers invent programming language to build synthetic DNA >>
* Study asks ‘does it really matter if God exists?’ >>

* Improving lithium-ion batteries with nanoscale research >>
* The Very First Image of a Hydrogen Bond >>
* The Selfish World-Brain: In Praise of Digital Narcissism >>

* Light-bending black hole mimic is first you can watch >>
* Why Qualcomm Is Betting on Wireless Health >>

* The Tunneling Transistor >>
* Black-hole eruption nearby is a warning for us all >>
* Just How Smart Is Artificial Intelligence? >>

* NASA wants investigations for a Mars 2020 rover >>
* Meet NASA’s Futuristic Drone Research Lab >>
* Quantum computers: Trust is good, proof is better >>

* The entire Being Human conference, on Fora TV. >>
* Why Didn’t ETs, Or Self Replicating Machines, Colonize Our Solar System Millions Of Years Ago? >>

* Why does the human brain create false memories? >>
* Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others back NSA and FBI transparency bills >>
* Surveillance AI Is Learning To Interpret Human Behavior >>

* Wearable technology is moving in the wrong direction >>
* Are there too many people? >>
* Watch the Sagrada Familia’s endless construction come to a close >>

* Facebook is telling TV networks how many people chat about their shows >>
* Facebook Graph Search gets more useful with comments and statuses >>

* The Next Thing In Online Shopping? Avatars >>
* With latest SpaceX launch, Musk says he has ‘all pieces of the puzzle’ for reusable rocket
* A Powerful Particle Accelerator The Size Of A Speck Of Glitter >>

* Google Web Designer launches in beta, available now as a free download >>
* Today’s Internet is the mobile Internet >>
* How a CPU is made >>

* Anti-AIDS and Anti-Tumor Properties Discovered in Siberian Mushroom >>
* Calculating God >>
* A New Hypothesis on the Nature of Black Holes >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 September 2013 >>

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