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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 September 2013

* Meta: Personal Holographic Interface: Real Time 3D Scanning Input, with 3D Display Output on top of the real world. >>

* In the Future, Wars Will Be Fought with Lasers and Robots >>
* Google announces new Knowledge Graph features >>
* Broadcom fries up ‘5G’ Wi-Fi chips to chuck in your connected car >>

* 3D Printed Toothbrush Tailored to Your Teeth >>
* 36-Gigapixel Image Captures Ancient Petroglyphs in Texas >>
* Stanford University Builds the World’s First Carbon Nanotube Computer >>

* Number of Confirmed Alien Planets Nears 1,000 >>
* Robotic Boat Hits 1000-Mile Mark in Transatlantic Crossing >>
* Lifeless Earth: What if everything died out tomorrow? >>

* Reverse ageing by boosting cells’ energy factories >>
* Google Has Unveiled A New Search Algorithm >>
* Spray-On Technique Could Bring Carbon Nanotubes to Retailers’ Shelves >>

* Debates should not treat money as scarce for energy research and infrastructure >>
* Trained Police Rats Sniff Out Crime In The Netherlands >>

* Google Search Is Getting Even Smarter >>
* All 1.2 Billion Facebook Users on a Single Page >>
* Matchstick-sized sensor can record your private chats >>

* World’s First Fully Bionic, Mind-Controlled Leg Goes for a Walk >>
* Bill Gates: Ctrl-Alt-Delete “Was a Mistake” >>
* Corkscrewing Lasers Could Be the Key to Unlimited Bandwidth >>

* Real-Time Sensor Double Checks What’s in Your IV Drip >>
* NASA Picks 10 New Space Tech Innovations for Funding >>
* Galaxy 200 Million Times Heavier Than Our Sun Spotted | Video >>

* Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Just Got One Step Closer To Reality >>
* Could Wonder Woman make her movie debut in the Man of Steel sequel? >>
* The Problem With Home Automation’s Internet Of Things (IoT) >>

* Google Improves Knowledge Graph With Comparisons And Filters, Brings Cards & Cross-Platform Notifications To Mobile >>
* NASA Tech for Other Planets Could Save Lives on Earth >>

* Trying On Russia’s AR Moto Helmet With Fighter-Jet Specs >>
* Google’s Open Project lets you share, scale and control apps on a remote display >>

* How CIOs and IT Teams Can Make IT Matter Again >>
* Can Samsung Be The Next Microsoft? >>
* Moving IT Beyond The ‘Department Of No’ >>

* Microsoft’s Mobile Platforms Suffer From Flagging Developer Interest >>
* Google is taking Glass on a road trip across the US, try it on in a city near you >>
* America’s Cup Created A Huge Amount Of Visibility For Oracle >>

* How To Turn Corporations Into Innovation Machines >>
* The Problem With Home Automation’s Internet Of Things (IoT) >>
* Big Data From Smart Grid Tells Utilities More Than They Want To Know >>

* Ignore The Future: Embrace The Cloud >>
* 15 Years of Google: What’s Your Favorite Product? >>
* How Technology Changes The Skills We Need To Learn >>

* FDA Approves Artificial Pancreas You Can Wear >>
* A 3D Printed Robotic Eel: Kind of Makes You go Eww & Wow! >>
* 28 killed, hundred injured by swarms of giant hornets in China >>

* Video Friday: PR2 Surrogates, Zombie F-16s, and Bot & Dolly’s Box >>
* A School With No Teachers, Where Students Teach Themselves >>
* This android’s muscles and tendons allow it to move like a human >>

* First pictures of hydrogen bonds unveiled >>
* These Contact Lenses Work Like Telescopes For Your Eyes >>
* Want to Biohack your Brain? – $50,000 Cranial Surgery Equipment costs only $10 via DIY Black Market >>

* The Nerdiest Places To Explore On Google Street View >>
* New Device May Stop HIV Infections in Women >>
* Lightweighting cars with carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium and magnesium >>

* Roadmap to a Fusion-Driven Rocket with a 90 day trip from Earth to Mars >>
* Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Bids Tearful Farewell >>
* 3 Kickstarter Video Games You Should Pay Attention To >>

* Gillmor Gang Live 09.27.13 (TCTV) >>
* FYI: Can Wireless Electricity Kill People? >>
* FYI: Do Animals Have Orgasms? >>

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