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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 September 2013

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* Real-Time Sensor Double Checks What’s in Your IV Drip >>
* Stem Cell Breakthrough in Mice Points Toward a Way to Repair Tissue in Humans >>
* Aerohive puts wifi on a drone >>

* Tiny camera records details of scene without losing sight of the big picture >>
* Free-standing 3D skeletal muscle constructs created in the lab >>
* With carbon nanotubes, a path to flexible, low-cost sensors >>

* 3D Printing Aims to Deliver Organs on Demand >>
* F-16 jet takes off with empty cockpit >>
* iPhone A7 Chip Teardown: Power-Dense Samsung Silicon >>

* Researchers use nanoparticles to deliver vaccines to lungs >>
* No, Drones Are Not ‘Useless’ In Most Wars >>
* ESA Developing Rocket-Hopping Mars Robot >>

* VIDEO: Print your own bionic hand >>
* Integrating a graphene photodetector into a computer chip >>
* A stretchable, foldable transparent electronic display >>
* Researchers observe never-before-detected brain activity in deep coma >>

* Laser stairway to reduce energy requirements and focusing problems for laser pushed solar sails >>
* Cygnus docking with Space Station delayed for about a week due to a software error >>
* Foot Cream Kills HIV by Tricking Cells to Commit Suicide >>

* Here’s One Idea Of How To Search For Life Beyond Earth >>
* New Crew Launching to Space Station Today: How to Watch Live >>
* Machines on the march threaten almost half of modern jobs >>
* Information Overload: How The Internet Inhibits Short-Term Memory >>

* This Smartphone Microscope Is No Toy >>
* Nanoscale neuronal activity measured for the first time >>
* New method of creating twisted light may allow fibers to carry more information >>

* FYI: Do Insects Have Personalities? >>
* Atomic Goal: 800 Years of Power From Waste >>
* NASA Study Asks, Can You Stay in Bed for 70 Days for $18000?

* 86,000 square miles of Great Britain meticulously recreated in Minecraft >>
* Oracle announces faster analysis, 32TB memory >>
* Will Regulators Allow Self-Driving Cars In A Few Years? >>

* Software Revolution, Part II: The Shift to Cloud Computing >>
* The Most WTF-y Programming Languages >>

* In Search of the Next Boom, Developers Cram Their Apps into Smart Watches >>
* #ALGORITHMS: “Hacking Medical Implants Foiled” >>
* NASA tests space radar for finding buried victims >>

* Scientists create never-before-seen form of matter >>
* Exponential Health Technology Bringing Personal ‘Check Engine Lights’ >>

* With carbon nanotubes, a path to flexible, low-cost sensors >>
* Tiny antennas let long light waves see in infrared >>
* Researchers develop model to study human response to infections that cause peptic ulcers >>

* First 700 Tickets on Virgin Galactic’s Space Flights Have Been Sold >>
* Remote Lock Comes to Android >>
* Nearly Half of U.S. Jobs Could Be Done by Computers, Study Says >>

* ‘Science in Society: Caring for our Futures in Turbulent Times’ >>
* Nanofabrication: Medical sensors improve with holey gold nanostructures >>
* Japan robot can pick strawberry fields forever for farmer >>

* VIDEO: Soyuz sends new astronauts to ISS >>
* Computer made from tiny carbon tubes >>
* Cell close-ups reveal how plants get bigger >>

* Rock Health’s latest batch of digital health startups: Mental health, smart spoons, and more >>
* Autodesk Weaves the Hyperloop into its Vision of the Future >>
* Chemists slide a splitting catalyst over DNA for the first time >>

* The Last Thing We Want is Real Artificial Intelligence >>
* Real Lightsabers: Yes, Science Has Really, Finally Figured It Out >>
* NSA ANALYST: We Simply Don’t Have Time To Read Emails That Aren’t Related To Terrorists >>

* You Need to Hit 1.2 Million MPH to Exit the Milky Way >>
* Universe May Be Curved, Not Flat >>

* Do we really need Mind-Controlled FlameThrowers? >>
* Inventor of the cellphone proposes Presidential Spectrum Prize to beat the wireless crunch >>
* X doesn’t mark the spot: real shape of chromosomes revealed >>

* Robots May Revolutionize China’s Electronics Manufacturing >>
* 3,000 Years of Human History, Described in One Set of Mathematical Equations >>

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