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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 August 2013

* Statites close to the Sun >>
* Watch Somebody Pilot A Drone With Google Glass >>
* ‘Sail Rover’ Could Explore Hellish Venus >>

* How to print wall-sized displays >>
* New research suggests women can make sperm, and men can make eggs >>
* Implanted Device Controls Rheumatoid Arthritis >>
* Iris, a ready-to-fly UAV quadcopter >>

* Is Spiri the Programmable Quadrotor You’ve Always Wanted? >>
* Circle Gives You Distributed Control Of Your Family’s Internet >>
* NASA reveals how its plan to capture an asteroid and harvest a piece would work >>

* Tommorrows Cities >>
* The city of 2050 >>
* Fraunhofer iPad app guides liver surgery through augmented reality >>
* Quantum Computing and Machine Learning >>

* Ytterbium Clock Sets New Stability Mark >>
* Desktop 3D scanner goes on sale >>
* Governance in the Anthropocene, a SXSW Proposal >>

* Volvo Tests A Road That Can Charge Cars And Trucks >>
* DNA evidence can’t tell identical twins apart in rape case >>
* This 3D Printer Could Also Be the World’s First 3D Fax Machine >>
* 3-D Scan And Print Right From Your Browser >>

* Ford looks to space robots for help on connected cars >>
* MakerBot’s $1,400 Digitizer Now Available To Pre-Order, Will Ship By Mid-October >>

* The Most Awesome Animation About Quantum Computers You Will Ever See >>
* New Magellan Space Technology –“Could See a Baseball Diamond on the Moon” >>
* NASA Reboots Space Telescope to Hunt for Deadly Near-Earth Objects >>

* 70,000+ Have Played ‘Eyewire’ Game That Trains Computers To Map the Brain >>
* How to learn to stop worrying and love machine learning >>

* Mobile Technology Could Put Health In Hands of Patients >>
* Disrupt Or Be Disrupted! 5 Innovations Shaping Tomorrow’s Business >>

* Eye to Eye With the Future of Drones >>
* On Consciousness and the Brain >>

* Japanese working on Artificial Intelligence to pass Tokyo University Entrance Exam >>
* Forget About Batteries: These Devices Work On TV And Radio Waves >>
* Roller Coaster Ups And Downs Of The World’s Helium Supply [Infographic] >>

* How City Living Is Reshaping the Brains and Behavior of Urban Animals >>
* IT Governance is Killing Innovation >>
* Ubuntu Edge Draws Nearly $13M, But Falls Short of Kickstarter Goal >>

* Woman Dead Almost An Hour, Brought Back To Life >>
* Millennials Love Living With Their Parents [Infographic] >>

* Yahoo passed Google in US Web visitors in July >>
* Silicon Valley’s Obsession With Youth Is Costing Talent And Innovation >>

* GSearch Gets Improved Dictionary Definitions w Sentences, Synonyms, Translations >>
* Ultra-Early Treatment Reduces Disability After Stroke: Study >>
* How Consciousness Works >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 August 2013 >>

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