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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 August 2013

* IBM Develops Programming Language Inspired By The Human Brain >>
* Mankind Making the Sun Explode >>
* Could humans one day live on EUROPA? Nasa experts believe so. >>

* Could Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop’ Become the 5th Form of Transportation? >>
* Elon Musk discusses Tesla and Space X’s near bankruptcies during Hangout >>
* Elon Musk has ‘no plans’ to actually build his Hyperloop design >>

* How to use Android Device Manager to track your lost or stolen phone >>
* Micro-machines for the human body >>

* This Is What It Looks Like When Your Phone Tracks Your Every Move >>
* BMW i8 to use smartphone-style hardened glass for noise and weight reductions >>
* Paul Graham Reveals 5 Things He Looks For Before Investing In A Startup >>

* X-47B Gets Two More Years of Tests to Prep Navy for Robot Warplanes >>
* IBM Researchers Build New Brain Inspired Computers, Opens Medicine Possibilities >>
* Audi designed this badass concept car for Ender’s Game >>

* Bill Gates Disses spending Time On Space Rockets: Don’t See How It Improves Humanity >>
* Bill Gates Took A Huge (Unprovoked) Shot At Google Over Its Internet Balloons >>
* Man kills wife, posts Facebook photo >>

* MRI-guided brain cancer breakthrough – exclusive interview >>
* The Builders of This Spanish Skyscraper Forgot the Elevator >>

* FYI: Just How Old is Dirt? >>
* Apple Audio Hyperlinks, Way For Audio Streams To Link To Other Media Devices >>
* IBM new neuromorphic chip architecture,to develop brain like systems, massively parallel >>

* Autogrammar Is Coming to Autocorrect >>
* 25% power efficiency needed for exaflop supercomputers w reasonable energy >>
* 20 petaflop Supercomputer Japan in 2013 and China’s 100-150 petaflop2014 >>

* Kiteboarder lifted 790ft in air >>
* VIDEO: Cow triplets born at 700,000-1 odds >>
* Virtual control room helps nuclear operators, industry >>

* New 3-D Map Shows Large Scale Structures in the Universe 9 Billion Years Ago >>
* TV-over-Internet service Aereo continues expansion >>
* Thinking computers move a step closer >>

* Robot treats brain clots with steerable needles >>
* Robot face lets slime mould show its emotional side >>
* Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany >>

* Creating a Braille smartphone for blind people >>
* Paul Root Wolpe: Kurzweil’s Singularity Prediction is Wrong >>
* Richard Branson and Elon Musk on fear, failure, and reinventing the future >>

* Android And Chrome OS Could Reap Big Windfalls From Slowing PC Economy >>
* Dragon Innovation Raises $2.3 Million To Help Build Hardware Startups >>

* New NASA mission to help us learn how to mine asteroids >>
* Scientists Meet to Discuss Extraordinary Powers of the Mind >>
* Basic Income Plan: a thought experiment >>

* A Proper Sleep Tracker That Uses An Ultra-Thin Film Sensor In Your Bed >>
* Intelligence Explosion, Infinity Point, and the Law of Accelerating Returns >>

* A terrifying robot shows you the emotions slime mold can’t express >>
* How a 17-ton electromagnet was transported from Long Island to Chicago >>
* Coding cognition: IBM needs apps for its digital brain >>

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