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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 August 2013

* Google unveils ‘self-driving’ smartphone >>
* Smartphone cradle, app detect toxins >>
* Singularity University | Ray Kurzweil talk at SU 2013 >>

* This Absurd Laser Lighter Is 2000 Times More Powerful Than the Sun >>
* Human teleportation is far more impractical than we thought >>
* Belkin Gadget Will Reveal How Much Energy Your Devices Use >>

* Volcanoes can “recharge” with new magma just days after an eruption >>
* How To Clone A Mammoth >>
* Swimming speed sensor >>

* How to Create Codes That Even the NSA Can’t Break >>
* A 3-D Printer Can Pay For Itself In Less Than A Year >>
* Create a printable 3D model of any object using only a camera and Web browser >>

* Polar Bear’s Collar Cam to Reveal Species’ Secrets >>
* Andreessen-Backed Tutor Matching Service Is Working To Upend The Tutoring Industry >>
* Starbucks, Google and the future of work >>

* Rooftop solar, other renewables make 9GW of baseload fossil fuels no longer needed in Australia >>
* Plant bacteria breakthrough enables crops worldwide to take nitrogen from the air >>
* DARPA funds $1 million to design better zpinches and dense plasma focus electrodes >>

* In the Future: A Nasal Spray to Treat Alzheimer’s? >>
* This Must Be The Best Ruler Ever Invented >>
* The Art of Chemistry– Electronic Visualisation >>

* IBIS Can Do What the Da Vinci Does (But for 90 Percent Less) >>
* Automate Your House Like A Boss With This Smart-Thing Platform >>

* Boffins use lasers to detect radio waves >>
* CERN’s ‘LHC Future’ to Probe Dark Energy and Supersymmetry >>
* Google Launches Real-Time API For Analytics In Invite-Only Beta >>

* 408 Hot Air Balloons Just Took Off at the Same Time — Here’s Video >>
* Can We Build A Kickstarter For Cancer? >>
* Watch Terrafugia’s Transition fly and drive in public for the first time (video) >>

* Scientists find long-sought method to efficiently make complex anticancer compound >>
* The world according to Itskov: Futurists convene at GF2045 (Part 1 of 2) >>
* Meet the amazing robots that can move like animals, communicate with humans and even dance and draw >>

* Robotic helicopter team sets sights on impossible mission >>
* Seeing which way the wind blows: New doppler radar takes flight on this summer’s HS3 mission >>
* Capturing black hole spin could further understanding of galaxy growth >>

* When galaxies switch off >>
* An app to lead the blind >>
* Next ‘Doctor Who’ Star to Be Revealed Sunday >>

* As Machines Get Smarter, Evidence They Learn Like Us >>
* World can be powered by alternative energy, using today’s technology, in 20-40 years >>
* Nanodiamond thermometer takes temperature of biological cells >>

* First Commercial 3D Printed Metal Gun Part >>
* first quantum entanglement of photons through space and time >>
* What may be the world’s first cybernetic hate crime unfolds in French McDonald’s >>

* Google’s Schmidt, Moto’s Woodside talk up U.S.-made phone >>
* What Google Glass ‘Explorer’ reviews have taught us >>
* USB accelerates to 10 Gbps >>

* Welcome to the Surveillance Society >>
* Scientists discover a molecular ‘switch’ in cancers of the testis and ovary >>
* Brain implants made of chemical-soaked silk can treat epilepsy >>

* To Cool Buildings, Run Water Through The Windows >>
* More than 40 percent of active Android devices now run Jelly Bean, Gingerbread stubbornly holds steady >>

* Tiny Statues Long ago, the world beyond our own scale… >>
* Fat-Cell ‘Switch’ May Determine Whether Body Stores Energy or Burns It >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 August 2013 >>

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