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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 March 2013

* Under the skin, a tiny blood-testing laboratory >>
* New 3-D Display Could Let Phones and Tablets Produce Holograms >>
* Why Android home automation could top Google Glass >>

* NASA’s Laser Satellite Could Deliver Fiber Optic Speeds from Lunar Orbit >>
* Google Keep—Save what’s on your mind >>
* Create Kinect 3D Avatars Using Your Body >>

* Exclusive Interview: Ray Kurzweil Discusses His First Two Months At Google >>
* Brain mapping reveals neurological basis of decision-making in rats >>
* Wireless sensor diagnoses “stressed” machines remotely >>

* Jawbone UP Fitness Bracelet Now Works With Android >>
* Bluetooth Earbuds Aim to Eliminate Tangled Cords Forever >>
* 11 of the Weirdest Solutions to the Fermi Paradox >>

* Ocean-faring Robot Cashes in on Offshore Oil and Gas >>
* Robot maids and not a mobile in sight – what the experts predicted for 2013 >>
* Topic: Building Shell Worlds: The Future And You–March 20, 2013 . >>

* Say Goodbye To Needles and Get a Bluetooth Microchip That Bathes in Your Blood >>
* Don’t fear babies made with genes from three parents >>
* A 3D-printed Moon base baked from lunar dust >>

* New system would let you take a drug by just pressing your skin >>
* Can control theory make software better? >>
* DARPA seeks more robust military wireless networks >>

* ‘Brain waves’ challenge area-specific view of brain activity >>
* Meet the New Boss: Your Customer >>

* Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Left the Solar System >>
* Wireless power, wireless data, no mice and no keyboards >>
* Tiny, portable personal blood testing laboratory that sends data through mobile phone >>

* Apollo-Era Rocket Engines Pulled From The Bottom Of The Atlantic Ocean >>
* WebMD, Qualcomm Build Consumer Cloud for Mobile Health Data >>
* How Larry Page and the Knowledge Graph helped Ray Kurzweil decide to join Google >>

* Driving on coffee ‘cuts crash risk’ >>
* X-ray laser explores how to write data with light >>
* The medical lab under the skin that can automatically phone the doctor if you fall ill >>

* Best-Preserved Human Ancestor Didn’t Have Bone Disorder >>
* NRL Nike Laser focuses on nuclear fusion >>
* ‘Chemical gardens’ could hold the key to understanding the origins of life on Earth >>

* Jeff Bezos Recovers Apollo Rocket Engines From Deep Ocean >>
* Scientists claim new glasses-free 3D for cellphone (w/ video) >>
* Google+ Hangouts Capture tool lets you snap screenshots with a click >>

* Wireless ‘under the skin’ prototype implant beams instant blood test read-outs to your smartphone >>
* Health Tracking Gets More Up-Close And Personal With Tiny Blood Monitor Implant >>
* Samsung’s Smart, Social TVs Coming This Month >>

* Crowdfunding’s Future: Local Online Ecosystems >>
* Google V_bACKes General Partner Karim Faris on Building a New Type of Venture Fund >>
* The Rise Of The Instant Metropolis >>

* It’s Alive! This 3-D Printed House Builds More Houses >>
* Scientists Say Voyager 1 Has Left the Solar System, But Has It Really? >>
* What Are Personality Disorders? >>

* M42: Inside the Orion Nebula >>
* 3D display could bring ‘Princess Leia’ hologram to life >>
* Cern Explains Why the LHC Has To Go Bye-Bye For the Next Two Years >>

* The Super Protein That Can Cut DNA and Revolutionize Genetic Engineering >>
* Here’s a Drone Flying Between Two Tesla Coils >>
* FYI: Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg? >>

* Smartphone Screens Will be Made out of Sapphire >>
* A Quantum Internet at the Speed of Light? >>
* Superheated Water Etches Diamond >>

* The body: Your curious behaviours and what they reveal >>
* Scientists Take Leap Toward Resurrecting Extinct Frog >>
* A Quantum Leap for Basketball ‘Bracketology’ >>

* Colin Blakemore: Neuro-Everything, the Secrets of the Human Brain >>
* Samsung Readies Tizen, New Mobile Competitor to Android and iOS >>
* Q&A: What the Brain Reveals About the Self — And Self Control >>

* Warming will lead to more Katrina-like storms >>
* Researchers publish improved Neanderthal genome >>
* Try ‘Sloppy Typing’ on This Reimagined QWERTY Keyboard >>

* Mobile hardware is going to disappear >>
* App Turns AR Drone Into Virtual Spacecraft | Video >>
* The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized >>

* Google Continues To Expand Its Google+ Platform Team >>
* Starship Congress 2013 >>
* Robot Futures >>

* Genomic data is growing, but what does it tell us? >>
* Disrupted brain chatter produces schizophrenia-like symptoms in mice >>
* Neanderthal Genome III: Entire Neanderthal Genome Decoded >>

* Google Keep note taking service officially launches on web and Android (video) >>
* SynCardia 50cc Total Artificial Heart Wins FDA HUD Designations >>
* Tiny Wireless Under-Skin Implant for Continuous Blood Analysis >>

* Lower Your IQ Permanently With the ‘MinusIQ’ Pill >>
* Cracking Your Genetic Code >>
* VIDEO: How do you measure happiness? >>

* Airbus Created This Bizarre Plane To Fly Jumbo Jet Parts Around The World >>
* A Private Jet Maker Is Thriving By Making Old Planes New Again >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 March 2013 >>

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