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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 March 2013

* First Ever Cellular-Level Video of a Whole Brain Working >>
* VIDEO: Is this the face of the future? >>
* NailDisplay: A screen at your fingertips >>

* British Man’s Arm Will Become His Penis >>
* The first fractions of a second after the Big Bang >>
* Robot Combat League: Heather Knight Tells Us About Her Experiences on the Show >>

* Teen Creates Algae-Powered Biofuel in Her Bedroom Lab >>
* Vavuud Wind Meter For Smartphones , Delivers Accurate Ground Wind Speed Readings >>
* Google Launches Drive Realtime API To Let Developers Build Apps With Real-Time Collaboration >>

* Google+ Introduces New Hangouts App Called Capture, To Snap Pics Of Special Moments As They Happen >>
* LazyHusband Smart Phone App Compliments Your Wife for You (Video) >>
* GRAIL Maps the Moon’s Gravity >>
* NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Spring Symposium Videos of All Days and Sessions >>

* How proteins read meta DNA code >>
* NVIDIA reveals Volta next-gen GPU platform >>
* Ten Thousand or More ‘City Destroyer’ Asteroids Currently Un-Detected | Video >>

* Plasma-surfing could forge Higgs bosons on the cheap >>
* Make a silent movie by talking to Chrome >>
* Novel Nanostructures Give Boost to Phase Change Memory >>

* Path Found to a Combined MRI and CT Scanner >>
* DNA tool kit goes live online >>
* Scientists transplant neural stem cells from a monkey’s skin into its brain >>

* Soon, a car that runs on cold air >>
* RF chip 10 Gbps will enable wireless high definition video connections >>

* High Blood Pressure Increases Risk of Alzheimer’s, New Study >>
* NASA spots leaping lunar dust >>
* Yes, You Can Tell From His Face What Your Dog Is Feeling >>

* tomorrow’s technologies >>
* Face of the future: Digital talking head expresses human emotions on demand >>
* Supersonic Stereo >>

* DNA Editing Protein >>
* OrthoSensor VERASENSE System Helps Perfect Total Knee Arthroplasties >>
* Wireless, implanted sensor broadens range of brain research >>

* Laser-like photons signal major step towards quantum “Internet” >>
* Team achieves tenfold boost in ability to find proteins in cancer cells >>
* Sequoia supercomputer sets simulation record >>

* Next Big Thing in Tech: 30-Second Pitches >>
* Smartphone accessory tells you when you’re drunk >>
* What You Can Learn About Online Shoppers by Watching Them >>

* Drones over US soil: the calm before the swarm >>
* Net ‘bat signal’ activated for privacy protests >>
* Press regulation: Internet concerns expressed >>

* Bikini line waxing and shaving poses infection risk >>
* Building a new society in space >>
* Disconnect: why Andy Rubin and Android called it quits >>
* RSS isn’t dead: the best Google Reader alternatives >>

* Scientists Capture All The Neurons Firing Across A Fish’s Brain On Video >>
* Startup Spotlight: Robotiq Makes Robot Tooling for Agile Manufacturing >>
* US Makes First Plutonium in 25 Years, for Spacecraft >>

* Social Networks Reveal Structure (And Weaknesses) of Businesses >>
* 10 Companies Chasing Innovations That Really Matter >>
* Boats, Planes And Automobiles – Today’s RCs Are Amazing >>

* Star Whips Around Black Hole at Record Speed | Video >>
* Flashing brain video reveals fish mind in action >>
* Whole brain cellular-level activity mapping once a second >>

* Feds: We Don’t Want a Warrant to Track Your Car With GPS >>
* Saving Google Reader For People Who Really Need It >>
* E-Beam ICF for Daedalus Reconsidered >>

* China’s BGI to Sequence 2,200 Geniuses In Search For “Smart” Genes >>
* Howard Bloom’s God Problem Tour >>
* Swiss company aims to fly satellites into space >>

* U.S. restarts plutonium production for space probes >>
* Massive Solar Power Plant Opens In Abu Dhabi >>

* After You Croak, the OrganOx Will Keep Your Liver Fresh for the Next Guy (NSFW) >>
* How Your Language Affects Your Wealth and Health >>
* Video: Sonia Arrison at TEDx >>

* The robotic ‘chimp’ that can walk, climb walls, and even move like a TANK >>
* Physicists use 3-D printing to test complex qualities of shapes made via computer >>

* Inside the Camera Technology That’s Changing How Basketball Is Played >>
* Federal License Granted To Manufacturer Of 3D-Printed Guns >>
* Women in engineering – a real global challenge >>

* Gamers Wanted: Teach Space Robots with Drone App >>
* Scientists build ‘phasers’ out of sound >>
* 12 talks about the future of cars, planes and rockets >>

* The Future Of UI Isn’t Invisible, Nor Is It Seamless >>
* Navy Will Make 2013 Its Year of the Laser Gun >>
* How To Save America’s Rarest Turtle: Lower Our Expectations >>

* Google Maps Adds Views From Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro, And More Famous Peaks >>
* Text Messages Could Include Your Animated Face, Looking Frustrated >>
* NVIDIA updates its mobile roadmap >>

* Bits Blog: Samsung Speaks Up First About a Smart Watch >>
* Wacom Cintiq 13HD graphics display hands-on (video) >>
* Google’s RSS Extension For Chrome Returns Sans Reader Support, Was “Deleted By Mistake” Says Author >>

* Wired Space Photo of the Day: Sweeping View of Carina >>
* Wireless, implanted sensor broadens range of brain research >>
* Using 3-D printing to turn computer models into reality (w/ video) >>

* 3D Printing Takes on the Final Frontier: Food >>
* Intel’s Futurist Brian David Johnson: Don’t Let The Future Happen To You >>
* End of Aging: Life in a World where People no longer Grow Old and Die >>
* DEBATE: Will Religions promising “Heaven” just Vanish, IF Immortality is attained? >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 March 2013 >>

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