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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 March 2013

* Expand: What’s Next? A Glimpse Into the Future of Technology (video) >>
* New Tech Economy: 3D printing’s promise in prosthetics >>
* Boston Dynamic’s Marc Raibert backstage at Expand (video) >>

* Earthquake Turns Water To Gold, Scientists Say >>
* Google using artificial intelligence to improve image and video classification >>
* NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Tom Rivellini backstage at Expand (video) >>

* Data driven Personalized Medicine Metamed when you cannot afford misdiagnosis >>
* What Glows Green In Space? >>
* A 3D Printed Spaceship On The Scale Of A Human Hair? Hello Nanoscribe 3D Printer >>

* Photovoltaic Polymer Lets Damaged Retinas See the Light >>
* God Damn It, Google >>
* Expand: Scanadu’s Walter De Brouwer talks tricorders and time travel backstage >>

* Expand: Space Exploration After the Shuttle (video) >>
* Expand: Robopocalypse: Now (video) >>
* Weekend Diversion: A Green Fire >>

* Feedly Has Best Day Ever, Adds 500,000 Users From Google Reader Exodus >>
* Weekend Image –A 100-Million Year Old Fossil: Spider Attacking Its Prey >>
* Flip of a single molecular switch makes an old brain young >>

* Expand: Robots, Lasers and Replicators: Making Science Fiction a Reality (video) >>
* Science of Digital Fabrication – Materials and Mechanisms: 3D Printing >>
* Europe, Russia Launching Mars Mission For Soil Samples >>

* Microscope raises hope in low sperm count cases >>
* Philips Turns Pane of Glass Into a 3D TV >>
* Focusing On The Google Reader Shutdown >>

* NASA readies first laser communications system for LADEE lunar satellite >>
* Video: How Neurosurgeons Can Use Microsoft Kinect To Look Inside Your Brain >>
* Automatic Link connects phone and car for better driving, we go hands-on (video) >>

* ZBoard rolls out the San Francisco Special for the hilly city by the bay (video)>>
* Redesigning Mobile liveblog >>
* Tamar Yehoshua, Google: In Conversation liveblog >>

* Defense Distributed gets license to make and sell 3D printed guns >>
* This is what futurists in 1988 thought Los Angeles would look like today >>
* Google’s Battle With Samsung Will Reshape The Smart-Phone Market >>
* 1 Major Change to Watch at Google >>

* Walk inside a giant simulation of earthquake hot zones >>
* For the first time, scientists have grown the embryos of an extinct species >>
* Why You’ll Never See a Red Comet Like in ‘Game of Thrones’ >>

* Apple’s Next iPhone Might Be Unlockable By The Owner’s Fingerprint >>
* Scientists Want To Bring 24 Animals Back From Extinction >>
* 10 Concept Cars That Will Make You Rethink The Future >>
* New $2.6 Billion Financial Center Will Make Wall Street Look Pathetic >>

* Using Nanotechnology to Fight Bacteria >>
* Mobile LIDAR technology expanding rapidly >>
* Deep Probe of Jupiter’s Violent Atmosphere (VIDEO) >>

* Dock Your AR Drone With the ISS and Teach a Real-Life Spacecraft Some New Tricks >>
* Create An Endless Photo Stream So You Can Stalk Your Own Life >>
* China is spending $250 billion per year on Education >>

* Why Moore’s Law is still exponentially relevant >>
* Watch This Absolutely Beautiful Animated Explanation Of DNA >>
* Autodesk CEO Carl Bass On The Future Of 3-D Printing At Home >>

* A New Plan For A 3-D Printed House That’s Actually House-Like >>
* In the developing world, MOOCs start to get real >>
* Ten extraordinary Pentagon mind experiments >>

* In the beginning was the code >>
* In the Developing World, MOOCs Start to Get Real >>
* Smartphones Are Eating the World >>

* ethical implications of Google Glass, watch this short film now >>
* Mobeam Brings Beamable Barcodes To Galaxy S4, Could Wallet Integration Be Next? >>
* Samsung Unveils A Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller For The Galaxy S 4 >>

* Technology that could ‘revolutionise’ how we light the world >>
* Samsung Galaxy S 4 wireless charging pad and S Health scale hands-on >>
* Swiss company announces reusable suborbital spaceplane launcher for 2017 >>

* Making Your Character Count >>
* The Ethics of a Simulated Universe >>
* The Brain Scan Image and the Dangers of Brain Porn >>

* Bruno Maisonnier: Dancing, tiny robots! >>
* Wired Space Photo of the Day: 15,000-Pixel-Wide Panorama on Mars >>
* Hardware Startups Have Better Shot Thanks To Their Wearable Computing Forebears >>

* Skyscraper competition, a solar death ray and HIV-killing bee venom >>
* Five Best Google Reader Alternatives >>
* Robopocalypse: Now liveblog >>

* NASA’s first laser communication system integrated, ready for launch >>
* Smart-bombing cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and more >>
* Light Echoes from V838 Mon >>

* Magnetic Brain Stimulation Could Ease Pain >>
* Google using artificial intelligence to improve image and video classification >>
* Space Exploration After the Shuttle liveblog >>

* No ‘Jurassic Park’ For Us: Scientists Won’t Even Consider Cloning Dinosaurs >>
* Should we revive extinct species? >>
* New microscope measures nanomagnet property vital to ‘spintronics’ (w/ video) >>
* Sky Movies app finally arrives on Android >>

* The Samsung Galaxy S 4 And Its De-Googling Of Android Suggests We Might See A Split >>
* Weekly Roundup: Virtual immortality, China’s love hunters and DIY biohackers >>
* Automatic Link connects phone and car for better driving, we go hands-on >>

* Mars Discovery Highlights Need for Sample-Return Mission >>
* Expand: A conversation with Kickstarter Co-Founder Yancey Strickler >>
* Expand: 3D Printing Goes Mainstream (video) >>

* Nest’s Matt Rogers backstage at Expand (video) >>
* Expand: Reprogramming: How Technology is Changing the Way We Watch TV >>
* Physics gets biblical with the Lazarus Effect >>

* How Much Longer Until Humanity Becomes A Hive Mind? >>
* Astrophotos: Latest Images and Videos of Comet PANSTARRS >>
* One photographer’s journey inside Iran >>

* Don’t Download That Bro, You’re Going to Get Busted! >>
* Which Google Reader Replacement Will You Use? >>
* More Near-Cures for HIV >>

* Image of the Day: Mars’ Mount Sharp — Rising Three Miles Above Gale Crater Floor >>
* MIT’s Robot Cheetah On The Run >>
* Google Glass and the Golden Age of Creepshots >>

* The Human Cells We Use For Research Are Kind of A Genetic Disaster >>
* RSS Inventor Couldn’t Care Less About Google Reader’s Death >>
* Worldwide accepted measures of human development and quality of life >>

* Beyond Humanism: Becoming Cyborgs through Posthumanism by Gavin Rae – Pt1 >>
* Beyond Humanism: Becoming Cyborgs through Posthumanism by Gavin Rae – Pt2 >>

* SpaceX’s Reusable ‘Grasshopper’ Rocket Makes Highest Flight Yet >>
* Schneier: The Internet Is a Surveillance State >>
* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 March 2013 (GReader Special) >>

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