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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 March 2013

* Samsung Unpacked 2013 liveblog! >>
* Futureseek (GReader Special Bundled Post) (Just too many links) >>

* Samsung Ready To Launch The Galaxy S4 [Livestream] >>
* Here Are the Samsung Galaxy S IV’s Guts >>
* Samsung’s Smart Scroll Is Not Eye Tracking >>
* Samsung unveils the Galaxy S 4’s software tricks: camera modes, Story Album, S Translate, S Voice Drive >>
* Samsung Galaxy S 4 Beats The Best With 5-inch, 1080p Display, 1.9GHz Processor, Gesture Controls And A Q2 2012 >>
* Galaxy S IV Now Leakiest Launch Ever, As Videos Of SmartPause And Floating Touch >>

* Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die >>
* Life Found Deep Inside Earth’s Oceanic Crust >>

* Predicted state of atomic collapse seen for first time >>
* Just What We Need—Drones with Grappling Claws >>
* Google Maps head moves over to company’s most secretive unit, Google X >>

* How the Shutdown of Google Reader Threatens the Internet >>
* iPad Could Be Wirelessly Charged Through the Smart Cover >>
* Deflecting Killer Asteroid Could Be Geopolitical Nightmare >>

* Even Brainless Robots Can Show Swarm Behavior >>
* Global Night Light Patterns Reveal Economic Shift to the East >>
* Epigenetics: Neurons remember because they move genes in space >>

* The Future of Nuclear Power Runs on the Waste of Our Nuclear Past >>
* Could Google Glass Allow Us To Drive Our Wheelchairs With Our Eyes? >>
* Veronica Mars Movie Reaches Goal, Continues Making Lots Of Money >>

* Clawed drone grabs prey on the fly just like an eagle >>
* Glow planes: Plasmas take the drag out of air travel >>
* Higgs keeps mum about universe’s secrets – for now >>

* Ultra-high-speed optical communications link sets new power efficiency record >>
* Magnetic stimulation of the brain improves memory in schizophrenia >>
* £1billion telescope can see the beginning of time >>

* Google Android Ad-Blocking Apps Pulled From Play Store >>
* Bad news 220-mile high club: Researchers find sex in space could lead to illnesses >>
* Researchers developing 3D printer, ‘bio-ink’ to create human organs >>

* Feynman’s double-slit experiment brought to life >>
* LG’s ‘Smart Video’ Feature Uses Eye Recognition To Control Video Playback >>

* A second spring of cleaning >>
* Out of Time: The Sins of Immediacy ‘Present Shock’ by Douglas Rushkoff >>
* Embracing Analog >>
* Car able to recognise designer clothes and order them online >>

* 911 tech pinpoints people in buildings—but could disrupt wireless ISPs >>
* Solaris Machine Shut Down After 3737 Days of Uptime >>
* One gene, many mutations: Key that controls coat color in mice evolved nine times >>

* AdBlock Plus Responds To Play Store Ban: “Unilateral Move By Google Threatens Consumer Choice >>
* Lessons Regarding Marissa Mayer’s Inflexibility >>

* Car able to recognise designer clothes and order them online >>
* Embracing Analog >>

* Forget Saving The World, This Robot Will Pour You A Drink >>
* Does the science of aging suggest we’re ‘programmed to die’? >>
* Witness a mountain climber’s terrifying 100-foot fall from his perspective >>

* The Content Revolution: Emerging Forms Of Online Video >>
* Military lasers on fighters in 2014 and ships in 2016 >>
* 7 Numbers That Are Just as Cool as Pi >>

* What to Wear on a 100-Year Starship Voyage >>
* Brain Researchers Can Detect Who We Are Thinking About >>
* Fly into the Depths of the Orion Nebula >>

* Confessions of A Job Destroyer >>
* Google buys machine learning startup >>

* This Clock Tracks The End Of The World >>
* Ramez Naam’s nanotech mind-control novel Nexus gets a movie deal >>
* ALMA, Earth’s Largest Telescope, Is Officially Open For Business >>

* Founders of Memoto wearable camera capture 10,000 pictures at SXSW >>
* The Unseen Lights in Our Backyard >>
* This Clock Tracks The End Of The World >>

* Mechanical microdrum used as quantum memory >>
* CERN scientists say particle is no “super-Higgs” >>
* One Billion Hungry: Can we Feed the World? >>

* LG outs eye recognition tech for Optimus G Pro, other features in April update >>
* App Smart: Apps to Keep an Inventory of Items in Your Home >>
* This Clock Tracks The End Of The World >>

* Bootstrapping biotechnology: Engineers cooperate to realize precision grammar for programming cells >>
* Neural ‘synchrony’ may be key to understanding how the human brain perceives >>
* Thalmic Labs Announces MYO Gesture Control Armband >>

* Clouds, Comet and Crescent Moon >>
* Scientists Have Made Graphene Earphones, and They’re Amazing >>

* Skip the Helicopter, You Can Make Awesome Flyover Footage Using Nokia’s 3D Maps >>
* New Results Confirm: The Particle Believed To Be The Higgs Boson Really Is The Higgs Boson >>
* Astronomers conduct first remote reconnaissance of another solar system >>

* New results indicate that new particle is a Higgs boson >>
* NASA Restarts Plutonium Production >>
* SimCity Could Potentially Work Offline, Modder Shows With New Hack >>
* New sensor developed for methylated DNA >>

* 9 Incredible Uses for Graphene >>
* Arkadium raises $5M for multiplatform casual games, leading with Windows 8 (exclusive): >>
* Yet More Leaked Samsung Galaxy S IV Pics Appear Hours Before Launch: >>

* KickStarter: $2 million in just 10 hours >>
* Revised Estimate is 7 light years to the Nearest potentially habitable planet instead of 14 light years >>
* Supposed Galaxy S IV leak resurfaces in high-res pics, lists more features and specs >>
* The Hoyle State –“Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for the Formation of Carbon and Oxygen?” >>

* Here’s Where They Make China’s Cheap Android Smartphones >>
* 9 Incredible Uses for Graphene >>

* Tim Cook Will Sigh With Relief Following the S4 Launch Today >>
* Apple proposes iPad wireless charging with a difference: power comes from the Smart Cover >>
* The Content Revolution: Emerging Forms Of Online Video >>

* Watch This Quadrotor Fly Like A Drone And Fish Like An Eagle >>
* The closest star system found in a century >>
* Powerful ALMA Telescope Makes a High-profile Debut >>

* Earth-sized planets in habitable zones are more common than previously thought >>
* EU to ban cars from cities by 2050 via (article 2011) @Telegraph >>
* £1billion telescope can see the beginning of time via @Telegraph >>

* NASA Resumes Production Of Plutonium-238 Space Fuel After 25 Years >>
* Now Live: The April 2013 Issue Of Popular Science Magazine >>
* You’ve Been Using Your Keurig Coffee Machine Wrong All Along >>

* Before/After Comparison Of Pope Announcement: Proliferation Of Mobile In Just 8 Years >>
* Alien planet’s atmosphere contains water and carbon monoxide >>
* Nearby Star Came In With The Bang >>

* Vatican Library Goes Digital Under New Pope >>
* iPhone breathalyser: £15 mobile phone addon can be used to decide if drivers are too drunk >>
* Intraterrestrials: Life Thrives in Ocean Floor >>

* Breakthrough research shows chemical reaction in real time >>
* Pi Day 2013: Pi Trivia, Pi Videos, Pi Songs & A Pi Infographic >>
* Watch: A Mind-Bending Experiment That Makes Water “Freeze” In Mid-Air >>

* Handbook of Augmented Reality >>
* Global Futures 2045 Conference in June >>
* Scientists find chemical that might control cell behavior >>

* Puzzling Super-Dense Space Objects Could Be a New Type of Planet >>
* Fiber City Episode 1: The First Google Fiber City | Video >>
* 6 Implications of Finding a Higgs Boson Particle >>

* How ‘Zombie Worms’ Have Sex in Whale Bones >>
* Europe, Russia to launch Mars mission to sample soil for signs of life >>
* Water signature in distant planet shows clues to its formation >>

* Physicists See Higgs Boson in New Particle, but More Study Is Needed >>
* iPhone Microscope Helps Detect Parasitic Worm Eggs >>
* ‘Metasurfaces’ to usher in new optical technologies >>

* Why Cell Phone Chats Are So Distracting >>
* Companies Are Putting Sensors On Employees To Track Their Every Move >>

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