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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 March 2013

* New Network Lets Robots Ask Each Other Questions When They Get Confused >>
* MakerBot’s Desktop 3D Scanner Is a Real-Life Star Trek Replicator >>
* MIT ‘cheetah’ robot as efficient as real cheetahs running at 35 mph+ >>

* Meet ‘Rex’ The Military’s Robotic Bomb-Sniffing Dog >>
* Movie studios sign on for satellite-based digital delivery to theaters >>
* Using Artificial Intelligence to Write Self-Modifying/Improving Programs >> >>

* Nanoparticles Made From Bee Venom Can Kill HIV >>
* A Tour of Human Tissues as Viewed Through Scanning Electron Microscope >>
* Rapid cancer detection built on a chip >>

* Competition For The Best 3-D Printed Rocket Engine Launches Today >>
* Will Body Monitoring Implants Be The Future of Healthcare? >>

* The Next Place You Buy a New Car Could Be Google >>
* IBM CEO Predicts Three Ways Technology Will Transform The Future Of Business >>
* How Big Data is Transforming the Hunt for Talent >>

* Microsoft’s voice-enabled assistant technology still in the works >>
* Web ‘brain’ for robots goes live >>
* Mind Controlled Robots lecture at IIT Kharagpur >>

* Open-Sourcing Outer Space: 3-D Printing Meets Rocket Science >>
* How Big is the U.S. “Electricity Gap”? >>
* How Could Aliens Blow Up Earth? >>

* No, Architects, You Can’t Plant Trees On Top Of Skyscrapers >>
* Brain cells may live longer when not tied to their weakling, mortal flesh >>
* Scientists found a genetic switch to reverse aging in neurons >>

* Video Friday: Smart Snakebots, Harlem Shake RoboCup, and Drones Come Home >>

* Anti-aging drug breakthrough >>
* Under Armour Unveils Wearable Athletic Monitoring Device Armour39 >>

* The Science of Aging >>
* Yes, This Exists: An Indiegogo Campaign For A Luxury Airship RV >>

* Sensors measure cow flatulence – for science >>
* Human Connectome Project releases major data set on brain connectivity >>
* IBM Managers Need To Get Over Relying On ‘Gut Instinct’ >>

* Human brain treats prosthetic devices as part of the body >>
* Green tea extract blocks formation of amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s disease >>
* Kinect fusion lets you build 3D models of anything >>

* Is This Google’s First Third Party App for Glass? >>
* Polish Biobattery Is Powered by People, Not Potatoes >>
* Tracking Sensors Invade the Workplace >>

* Will it ever be possible to compute the human brain? >>
* Distance to our nearest galaxy calculated: 163,000 light years >>
* 3D Printing Coming to Vending Machine Near You >>

* How We’ll Live in a Future Where Cities Have Become Forests >>
* IBM Gaining Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Computing >>
* Researchers find molecular switch turning on self-renewal of liver damage >>

* Antarctic lake yields ‘new life’ >>
* Chinese Space Debris Collides with Russian Satellite >>
* Makerbot Shows Off New Digitizer That Turns Real Objects Into 3-D-Printable Files >>
* Wearable Computing Meets Pilates Clothing >>

* Think You Know the News? Take Our Quiz >>
* Robots create Jobs!?? >>
* Nanoparticle Carrying Bee Venom Could Prevent HIV Infection and Cure It >>

* Yes, Robots Are Coming for Our Jobs Now What? >>
* Mind-controlled exoskeleton to help disabled people walk again >>
* Focus: Lubricant for Liquids >>

* Open-Sourcing Outer Space: 3-D Printing Meets Rocket Science >>
* World’s Largest Ground-Based Telescope Array Opens in Chile Soon >>
* Balloon Flights Bring Near-Space Exploration to Masses >>

* Automatic Screen Printer for Microscope Slides >>
* Scientists report breaking barrier to efficient cloning >>
* Employers Now Using Sensors To Track Your Productivity >>

* Forget Peak Oil, We’re At Peak Everything >>
* Cambridge Consultants develops indoor tech to pick up where GPS drops off >>
* Multi-Imaging Stem Cells In Real Time >>

* Virtual Book Tours and Google+ Hangouts on Air >>
* Higgs Boson update: it’s cool, it exists, it’s not necessarily so ‘exotic’ >>
* SXSW Will Become the Largest Marketplace for Brands And Startups >>

* Beyond Marissa Mayer: The Future Will Blend Work and Home in New Hybrid Places >>
* Are Apple and Google Being Forced Out Of TV? >>
* Magisto adds still photos to its AI video editing witchery (video) >>

* Are Comments The Measure Of A Successful Blog? >>
* FTC report on mobile payments raises concerns about ‘cramming’ on carrier billing >>
* MIT ‘cheetah’ robot rivals running animals in efficiency >>

* Crowdsourcing the cloud to find cures for rare and “orphaned” diseases >>
* Live from MakerBot’s SXSW Keynote >>
* MakerBot unveils prototype Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner easier 3D printing >>

* Copyright Trolls Order WordPress To Disclose Critics’ IP Addresses >>
* “Peering into Space”: TED Radio Hour takes you beyond the void >>
* A star that looks older than the universe itself >>

* Steve Mann’s Better Version of Reality >>
* Japan’s Economic Troubles Spur a Return to Nuclear >>
* A Shrinking Garmin Navigates the Smartphone Storm >>

* Macro trends don’t matter so much >>
* Yes, Robots Are Coming for Our Jobs Now What? >>
* Unidentified Bacterial Life Discovered in Antarctica’s Lake Vostok >>

* Image of the Day: A Cosmic Waterfall >>
* A Stunning Painting Done In A Petri Dish >>
* Zapping brain to improve learning comes at a cost >>

* Physics crunch: Desperately seeking everything >>
* Controversial quantum computer aces entanglement tests >>
* Mystery bug found in Antarctica’s Lake Vostok >>

* Support cells found in human brain make mice smarter >>
* Nontoxic, traceable nanoparticles may be the next weapon in cancer treatment >>
* 3-D-Printed Implant Replaces 75 Percent Of Man’s Skull >>

* Dwave quantum computer has experimental evidence of quantum entanglement >>
* ‘Switch’ critical to wound healing identified >>
* MIND Reviews: The Brain Supremacy >>

* Study finds use of bed nets by 75 percent of population could eradicate malaria >>
* Plants lace their nectar with drugs to make bees return >>
* Amazing Videos Of Animals Catching Their Prey In Slow-Mo >>

* How to Make Impossible Wallpaper >>
* The TEDTalks Woo-Woo Speech – The Science Delusion >>
* Will we ever… regenerate limbs? >>

* Future spacecraft may be controlled by thoughts >>
* Leap Motion and Double Fine team on Dropchord, give air guitar skills an outlet >>
* The Eyes Have IT Scrolling >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 March 2013 >>

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