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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 March 2013

* BigDog Throws Cinder Blocks with Huge Robotic Face-Arm >>
* Dragon Launches Successfully, But Suffers Anomaly After Reaching Orbit >>
* Vint Cerf Dreams of an Internet That Connects Humans to Animals—and Aliens >>

* The “Interspecies Internet” Is Online, Seeking Cognitive Beings For Live Chat >>
* First direct brain-to-brain interface between two animals >>
* Surgeon Simulator 2013 (video) >>

* ‘Sling-Sat’ Could Remove Space Junk on the Cheap >>
* A pro 3D printer with 7 different materials >>
* ‘Rain Man’-like brains mapped with network analysis >>

* Secrets of human speech uncovered >>
* Do Music Lessons Make You Smarter? >>
* CEO Of Educational Robot Company: “Robots Belong In The Classroom” >>

* Nanotube Membrane Could Revolutionize Osmotic Power >>
* Don’t Freak Out, But Mars Rover Curiosity Is Having Its First Big Problem >>
* Tiny Satellites’ Big Mission: Going Beyond Earth Orbit >>

* What Is 3D Printing? And Will It Change the World? >>
* Mars trip to use astronaut poo as radiation shield >>
* Ubuntu Off to a Promising Start on Smartphones >>

* Ectopic eyes function without connection to brain >>

* Space race under way to create quantum satellite >>
* A dry yet astonishing demo: Mark Shaw at TED2013 >>
* Sony’s 4K Movie Streaming Will Work on PS4 >>

* Should we preserve the eggs of endangered species? >>
* This virus can steal its host’s immune system >>
* Brain pathway triggering impulsive eating identified >>

* USC researchers discuss experiences with their D-Wave One >>
* Scientists see turbulence in a crystal >>
* Short algorithm, long-range consequences >>
* Lenticular and Wave Clouds As wind forces air over the top of… >>

* Can a Slow-Growing Brain Tumor Cause a Gambling Problem? >>
* Why can’t we see evidence of alien life? >>
* Clogged arteries can precipitate stroke: Study >>

* Now, DNA barcodes that detect meat’s variety >>
* Future Day 2013 >>
* Popular Surgeon Simulator 2013 Game Hits Steam Store (w/ video) >>

* World Ocean Power Summit 2013 >>
* Scientists find gene sequences that stall protein synthesis >>
* Europe May Work With China on Space Station >>

* Weird Molecular Hoops Made From Human Genome >>
* Exotic physics with slow neutrons >>
* Silver nanoparticles may stress out plants >>

* MIT group shows unseen motion captured in video >>
* Big data: Searching in large amounts of data quickly and efficiently >>

* Your Fitness Tracker Isn’t Keeping You Fit >>
* MIT panel warns of challenges of hyper-networked world >>
* British Researchers ‘Gamify’ Cancer Cure Search >>

* The Next Revolution In Medicine: Genome Scans For Everyone >>
* Want to Know What Scientists Are Doing With Your Money? Soon You Will Be Able To >>
* Scientists Link Brains Together To Form An Organic Super Computer >>

* Understanding what we believe about life after death: Daniel Ogilvie at TED2013 >>
* Training the brains of psychopaths: Daniel Reisel at TED2013 >>
* Are we getting more intelligent? Jim Flynn at TED2013 >>

* Nike Vapor Laser Talon: Football’s First 3-D Printed Shoes >>
* How societies grow old: Jared Diamond at TED2013 >>
* Icarus Interstellar Fusion and Beamed Propulsion Starship Studies + 8 other Projects >>

* Research Hints at Graphene’s Photovoltaic Potential >>
* Mobile Computing Is Just Getting Started >>
* 3D printed car is as strong as steel, half the weight, and nearing production >>

* Flying moths inspire robotics >>
* This Kid Blew $2,500 on In-Game Purchases in Just 10 Minutes >>
* Apple’s 1987 promo video forecast the world 25 years hence. Hey! That’s now! >>

* ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ skin bugs dictate who gets spots >>
* New Tablet Camera Tech Conjures an Invisible Keyboard >>
* Augmented Reality for Public Spaces >>

* Seamless integration of computing into everyday objeccts >>
* App Watch: The Final Frontier—on Your Phone >>
* Steve Mann: My “Augmediated” Life >>

* Video Friday: Robot Fish Cars, Kibo in Zero-G, and Roboy Says Hi >>
* Comic Books Go Digital >>
* The self: The one and only you >>

* Maybe Kickstarter’s Just Not that into You >>
* MoMA Curator on Colbert: The Future of Design Is Physics >>
* Megapixels: A Wind Turbine That Can Power 6,000 Households >>

* Scientists Put A Working Eyeball On A Tadpole’s Tail >>
* The First Images of the Ocean Beneath Antarctica >>
* MPAA Revenue Grows, Chris Dodd Gets $2.4 Million >>

* ‘Wrong’ immune response aids TB >>
* Abundant Clean/Green Energy: Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) >>
* U.S. wins appeal in battle to extradite Kim Dotcom >>

* Dark Energy Camera Could Reshape Einstein Cosmology >>
* The interspecies internet: Diana Reiss, Peter Gabriel, Neil Gershenfeld and Vint Cerf at TED2013 >>
* This Is What Happens In Your Brain When You See A Sexy Person >>
* ‘Dilbert’ Creator Alleges Vast Conspiracy — Predicts 20% Market Collapse >>

* 230 years after first lighter than air flight, 110 years of heavier than air flight >>
* Physicist develops new silicone rubber >>
* Man Infected With Smallpox-like Virus Through Sex >>

* Pessimists May Live Longer >>
* Bats Build Mental Maps Of Their Surroundings And Remember Them For Future Flights >>
* Sergey’s Android-gynous Moment >>

* Watch A Baby’s Face Change Color With Her Tiny, Normally Invisible Pulse >>
* Space gold rush should not be a free-for-all >>

* Making the cloud more accessible with Chrome and Android >>
* Van Allen Belts: How Little We Knew Ye >>
* Get hypnotized by this wave pendulum … seriously, I… >>

* NASA’s Van Allen Probes Reveal a New Radiation Belt Around Earth >>
* Brain can’t cope with making a left-hand turn and talking on hands-free cell phone >>
* Japan testing Convoys of Robotic Cargo Trucks to Save 15 percent or more on Fuel >>

* Hunting monster primes: Adam Spencer at TED2013 >>
* Breaking the silence of deafness: Mohamed Jemni at TED2013 >>
* Mona Lisa 2.0: Raghava KK at TED2013 >>

* Go home and talk s***: Rose George at TED2013 >>
* How a dead duck changed my life: Kees Moeliker at TED2013 >>
* How Does Science Determine the Edge of the Universe? >>

* The language of dolphins: Denise Herzing at TED2013 >>
* Voter suppression, pandemics, fish, curing Alzheimer’s: Session 2 of TED U at TED2013 >>
* Quoted: Denise Herzing on communicating with extraterrestrials >>

* ‘Ultimate’ Prebiotic Molecule Found in Interstellar Space >>
* One-Two Punch of Infection, Stress May Lead to Schizophrenia >>

* Neural Link Lets One Rat’s Brain Guide Another (w/video) >>
* Piano notes visualized for the first time look totally awesome >>
* Robot Arm Torque Tutorial >>

* Hydrogen’s energy promise improves >>
* Why can’t we see evidence of alien life? Chris Anderson… >>
* Ectopic eyes function without connection to brain >>

* Google Launches Zopfli To Compress Data More Densely And Make Web Pages Load Faster >>
* Thousands expected to ‘unplug’ for a day >>
* staceythinx: Vibrant liquid macro photography >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 March 2013 >>

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Ted Quotes
Awkward silence as cybersecurity whiz James Lyne reveals he legally learned home addresses for 234 attendees by their wifi use.
@KeesMoeliker shows a rare picture of a duck’s penis. There are 10,000 species of birds and only 300 possess a penis.
Get over that idea that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men are from Africa and women are from Africa. @ChrisRyanPhD
“Human beings aren’t descended from apes. We are apes.” — @ChrisRyanPhD
You know that expression, dance like no one is watching? I was watching like no one was dancing. @Alli7on
“To change the community, you have to change the composition of the soil. We are the soil.” – urban “gangsta” gardener Ron Finley
“I was told that I couldn’t do it. And of course, that’s the thing that makes you want to do it.” — @drkatestone
Should we be scared about robots taking over? “I’ll worry when my computer becomes aware of my printer.”- Andrew McAfee @amcafee
“Imagine if we could leapfrog language and communicate directly with human thought. What would we be capable of?” – @mljmljmlj
Share and love these gorgeous quote posters from #TED2013 :
“We used to think mirror self-recognition was a uniquely human ability. But we’ve seen it in dolphins, elephants, even magpies.”
Vint Cerf, creator of the Internet, tells the audience we should not restrict the Internet to 1 species.
We’re beginning to explore what it means to communicate with something that isn’t just another person. – Vint Cerf
My psychiatrist said: “Don’t tell me what other people have told you about yourself, tell me about you.” – Eleanor Longden
Vint Cerf at TED: “Every time I load a web page, I think ‘holy crap’, it actually worked!”
Is the internet going to collapse? I don’t think so, but I’m willing to accept the proposition we should think about it.- Vint Cerf
Vint Cerf: If did it again, I’d pick 128 bit address spaces instead of 32 so we wouldn’t have to go through the IPv6 transition.
If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror. – @koyczan
Sometimes being drug free has less to do with addiction and more to do with sanity. – @koyczan

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