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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 October 2012

* iPad Mini: Everything You Need to Know >>
* Apple’s iPad mini event video now available for replay >>
* Apple Unveils iBooks 3 With Continuous Scrolling >>

* Revolutionary DNA-based approach to map the wiring diagram of the brain >>
* Pentagon’s Newest ‘Humanoid’ Walks as Awkwardly as You Do >>
* World’s most advanced mirror for giant telescope completed >>

* Assembly of nano-machines mimics human muscle >>
* First Analysis of 14-Million-Year Old Antarctica Lake Fails to Yield Microbes >>
* IMOD: The Greatest Canyon in Solar System-Shaped by Water Millions of Years Ago >>

* Can Andrea Rossi’s Infinite-Energy Black Box Power The World–Or Just Scam It? >>
* Watch A Humanoid Robot Walk A Tightrope >>
* How pets feel pain – and when to say goodbye >>

* Taste sensitivity link to our body’s immune defences >>
* Hormone boost lets mice live longer without fasting >>
* Recycled photons set fresh quantum computing record >>

* A radio for all frequencies to rule the airwaves >>
* State-of-the-Art Electron Beams From Table-Top Accelerators >>
* Apple announces 4th generation iPad packing an A6X CPU, Lightning connector and FaceTime HD camera >>

* First micro-structure atlas of the human brain completed >>
* A bandwidth breakthrough >>
* Disaster response robot will inspect the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor building >>

* In Mobile World, Tech Giants Scramble to Get Up to Speed >>
* Humanity Rocks! — FastForward Radio – Oct 26,2012 >>
* Through the Wormhole S3E7 Can We Eliminate Evil? >>
* The Chemistry of Almost Everything >>

* Generation X Report: How Many Gen Xers Know Their Cosmic Address? >>
* iPad Mini: Everything You Need to Know >>
* Scientists read dreams >>

* Milky Way’s ‘Sleeping’ Supermassive Black Hole Erupts with a Flare Up >>
* Solar Wind Creates Traces of Lunar Surface Water >>
* The Generation X report: How many Gen Xers know their cosmic address? >>

* Developers Use a Workaround to Make iPhone Apps Do More >>
* Assembly of nano-machines mimics human muscle >>
* A Bandwidth Breakthrough >>

* Algorithms Calculate a Couple’s Chances of Having a Baby via IVF >>
* Disco Sun: X-Class Flare Creates Strobe-Light Effect >>
* New “vitrification” technique allows women to freeze their eggs for future use >>

* Image of the Day: Breathtaking meteor upstaged by Milky Way and northern lights >>
* World’s most advanced mirror for giant telescope completed >>
* Scientists build “mechanically active” DNA material >>

* Self-powered sensors to monitor nuclear fuel rod status >>
* Training your robot the PaR-PaR way >>
* NASA sees active region on the sun emit another flare >>

* Turbulent flows in 2D can be calculated in new model >>
* ‘Tube’ view of nerve fibers may monitor MS >>
* OMG: Peer pressure just as strong online >>

* Creepy Close-Ups: Best Microscope Critter Photos >>
* NASA Satellite Sees Black Hole Belching Out Hundred-Million-Degree X-rays >>
* How to Create Fuel out of Thin Air >>

* In the Future, Will We All Monitor Our Own Energy Data? $3 Million on ‘YES’ >>
* UltraHD, the TV Technology Formerly Known as 4K, Gets Ready To Hit Store Shelves >>
* Three Ways to Reinvent Shopping for Men’s Clothing >>

* Jeff Bezos’ Spaceship Passes Key NASA Test >>
* Egg Freezing Enters Clinical Mainstream >>
* Stress in Parents Linked to Obesity in Kids >>

* New InteraXon Muse Consumer EEG Brain Wave Monitoring Device (VIDEO) >>
* BIL2012 Talk: Peak Humanity >>
* CHARLI Robot Gangnam Style >>

* Milky Way came into present state as Earth and Sun formed >>
* Blocking sunlight at specific areas can stop Arctic melting >>
* Brain change bad behaviour link >>

* The maths that made Voyager possible >>
* Robot used for open-heart surgery >>
* New Size Estimates Define How Much Earth’s Glaciers Could Raise Sea Level >>

* X-ray tricks cut breast scan dose >>
* Experts find why being lazy can make you ill >>
* IVF raises hopes of having a baby even at 40 >>

* Pilot Your Own Robotic Sub And Explore The Ocean With AcquatiCo >>
* Here’s The Spaceship That Will Let Rich People Fly From NYC To Tokyo In 90 Minutes >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 October 2012 >>

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