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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 October 2012

* Scientists Read Dreams >>
* Underwater Robots Track Sharks Off US in a First >>
* Mars Sample Return Mission? Naaah… Just Beam Back Martian DNA >>

* Engineers create gasoline from air and water. Yes, really. >>
* Video: Navy’s Humanoid Testbed Robot Dances Gangnam Style >>
* Astronomers uncover a surprising trend in galaxy evolution >>

* Researchers explore how the brain perceives direction and location >>
* This Wind-Powered Rolling Tentacle Ball Can Clear Landmines [Video] >>
* Scientists Match Dream Images To Photos >>

* Very Important Invention: Hot Pizza And Coffee Will No Longer Burn Your Mouth >>
* Smart CCTV knows when you need shopping advice >>
* Genetically Modified Mice Sniff Out Landmines >>

* Harvard launches two free online courses, more than 100,000 sign up worldwide >>
* What is DARPA’s Plan X? >>
* Mapping brain circuits for specific functions >>

* Decoding the brain’s circuit diagrams >>
* Probing the brain’s chemistry >>
* Could PTSD be cured by sleep-based therapies? >>

* 3D Photos Are Coming to the Lytro Camera Really Soon >>
* Criteria for Hypersexual Disorder Defined; 15 sex partners in previous 12-month period. >>
* 3D Printing Comes To The Disney Universe: Your Face “Frozen In Carbonite” >>

* Tractor beam built from rings of laser light >>
* Aeros Rigid Airship in Final Stages of Assembly >>
* British engineers produce amazing ‘petrol from air’ technology >>

* Robots that perceive the world like humans >>
* iPad Mini Event: What to Expect Next Week >>
* Avatars –Will They Have a Big Role in the Future of Space Exploration? >>

* New military apparel repels chemical and biological agents >>
* Very Important Invention: Hot Pizza And Coffee Will No Longer Burn Your Mouth >>
* In Constant Digital Contact, We Feel ‘Alone Together’ : NPR >>

* Genetically Modified Mice Could Be Tiny Landmine-Sniffing Heroes >>
* Another Reason for “Smart” Electric Meters >>
* Music Biz Dumps First Contested Copyright Case After Botched 3 Strikes Procedure >>

* ‘Biological Teleporter’ Will Find Martian DNA, Beam It Back to Earth >>
* In just four generations, we’ve massively slashed human mortality >>
* An Online University Reinvents What Learning Can Be >>

* What does one wear for a stratosphere jump? Talk >>
* A Heads-Up Display for Skydivers >>
* Private Space Taxi Builders On Track to Launch Astronauts Soon >>

* Cell mechanism finding could be used to engineer organs >>
* The astonishing ‘flowering ‘micromachines that can build themselves >>
* Synopsis: Protein Shells Take a Strength Test >>

* First micro-structure atlas of the human brain completed >>
* Optical vortices packaged on a chip >>
* Sir Patrick Moore predicts alien life beyond the solar system will be found within 50 years >>

* Stanford Ovshinsky, an Inventor Compared to Edison, Dies at 89 >>
* Surprise! Galaxies Still Evolving in Present Universe >>

* SpaceShipTwo on Track for Powered Flight This Year >>
* Formlabs FORM 1 high-resolution 3D printer spotted in the wild, we go eyes on (video) >>
* A Revolution in Prosthetic Limbs >>

* Delaying gratification is about worldview as much as willpower >>
* Slow-mo movie captures firecracker blast in water >>
* Ray Kurzweil on Singularity 1 on 1 >>

* Facebook, Microsoft Helping U.K.Government Train New Generation Of Computer Science Teachers >>
* The Day Goddard Dreamed of Taking a Rocket to Mars >>
* The future of higher education: reshaping universities through 3D printing >>

* Japanese Lake Provides More Definitive Record of Carbon-14 Levels >>
* How Do You Spot a Genius? >>
* Jeff Bezos: The Smart People Change Their Minds >>
* Sun Unleashes Huge Solar Plasma Wave >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 October 2012 >>

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