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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 September 2012

* DARPA developing microfabricated inertial sensors in case soldiers are cutoff from GPS for up to one day >>
* Brain Candy: Chemical Turns Rats into M&M Eating Machines >>
* Will Earth Run Out of Plants? >>
* Phorus PS1 speakers and PR1 receiver add some Android-powered WiFi audio to your home (video) >>

* Researchers develop prototype of 3-D display screen that physically tilts (w/ Video) >>
* How hard is 3D printing? >>
* New maths triggers a call to iron out quantum world >>

* Shower Doubles as a Washing Machine >>
* This 3-D Printer Can Generate Entire Rooms >>
* Science proves that you should un-friend your ex on Facebook [Cyberpsychology] >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – Sep. 20, 2012 >>
* Compact, high-power hydrogen fuel cell for release in spring 2013 >>
* DARPA links brain waves, sensors and algorithms to detect targets >>

* Safely Switching Consciousness Off and On Again >>
* Google spans entire planet with GPS-powered database >>
* A step towards total autopilot >>

* What happens during the brain’s ‘resting state’? >>
* Self-forming biological scaffolding >>
* How to access TV news on any topic for the last three years >>

* Cameras know you by your walk >>
* Fear can be erased from the brain, research shows >>
* One Gene Lays The Blueprint for A Cheetah’s Spots And A Tabby Cat’s Stripes >>

* Video: Tour the First Retail 3-D Printing Store in the U.S. >>
* Is Apple Really Planning Self-Charging iPhones? >>
* New Material Will Finally Let Us Convert Waste Heat to Electricity >>

* Endeavour Lands at Edwards For Last Time | Video >>
* Endeavour Departs Kennedy Forever for California Home >>
* A Space Telescope Enmeshed in History >>

* [Video] Dalton Caldwell On App.net & The Future Of The Social Web >>
* Will “Drones” Outflank the Fourth Amendment? >>
* Looxcie’s Newest Wearable Camera Finally Makes The Leap To HD >>

* Experiment corrects prediction in quantum theory >>
* 3-D Printing Goes Prehistoric With a Kickstarted Dinosaur >>
* ScienceShot: Whirlpool Galaxy is Astronomy Photography Star >>

* Fear can be erased from the brain >>
* India is planning a US$870 million project for an Exaflop Supercomputer in 2017 >>

* Dawn Finds Asteroid Vesta is Rich in Hydrogen >>
* The Universe Shines for Astronomy Photographer of the Year Winners >>
* Astrophoto: A Well-Rounded Glow >>

* PopSci Predicted The Future Of 3-D Printing In 1989 >>
* Agricultural robots may reduce costs of organic produce >>
* Why You Should Give Up (Some) Control of Your Thermostat (preview) >>

* Facebook Posts Can Attract Legal Attention >>
* Human brains share a consistent genetic blueprint and possess enormous biochemical complexity >>
* Crowdsourced parking lets you sell a spot for credits >>

* Maybe the iPhone 5 Isn’t Tall Enough [Video] >>
* Solar-powered desalination will transform Navajo life >>
* Computer simulations for multiscale systems can be faster, better, more reliable >>

* Landing pads being designed for extraterrestrial missions >>
* Customized inkjet printing of lasers >>
* The Fastest Way To Crack A 4-Digit PIN Number [Infographic] >>

* Existing Technologies Could Cut Vehicle Fuel Use in Half >>
* Bumblebees Quickly Learn Best Paths to Sweet Flowers >>
* Arctic caught in worst state of undress ever recorded >>

* In obesity, a micro-RNA causes metabolic problems >>
* DNA analysis aids in classifying single-celled algae >>
* Harvard Business Review: Data Scientist Is The ‘Sexiest Job Of The 21st Century’ >>

* Harvard Business Review: Data Scientist Is The ‘Sexiest Job Of The 21st Century’ >>
* Two bionic ears are better than the sum of their parts >>
* Can post-breakup Facebook surveillance delay emotional recovery? >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 September 2012 >>

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