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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 May 2012

* Volvo’s driverless road train in Spain is public mainly on the plain (video) >>
* Kinect in orbit to turn spacecraft into building blocks >>
* An ‘Abundance’ of targets for asteroid miners >>

* Smart Pebble robots replicate objects the way a good hive mind should (video) >>
* VIDEO: Is it possible to live on mobile money? >>
* World Future Society’s Forecasts for the next 25 years. >>

* Why We Lie >>
* Ear Hair Cells Grown In Young Mice With Gene Therapy >>
* Video of the Day: Robots dance to ‘Thriller’ >>

* Where Speech Recognition Is Going >>
* Engineered microvessels provide a 3-D test bed for human diseases >>
* NYU physicists devise method for building artificial tissue >>

* Big data facilitates new era of knowledge, education, and thinking >>
* Ep. 260: The Technology of Lasers and Masers >>
* Teen Solves 350-Year-Old Math Problem >>

* Humongous air-driven energy tower planned for U.S. Mexico border >>
* Plan for United Nations to regulate the Internet >>
* Exotic particles, chilled and trapped, form giant matter wave >>

* Persistent sensory experience is good for the aging brain: neuroscientists >>
* Morphing engines might cut aeroplane noise >>
* Irish Mathematicians Solve The Guinness Sinking Bubble Problem >>

* 3D blood vessels could aid artificial organs >>
* People smile when they are frustrated, and the computer knows the difference >>
* Self-Driving Cars Take To The Highways of Europe >>

* Olympus 2.4mm diameter industrial videoscope is world’s thinnest >>
* Face-reading software to judge the mood of the masses >>
* Intelligent monitoring and warning system for vehicles – Aisin ITS >>

* Venus’s Transit Between Earth and Sun Will Be Last Until 2117 >>
* Optimism is a Self-Amplifying Feedback Loop >>

* timoreilly #dontagree “We wanted flying cars, instead got 140 characters.” Peter Thiel failure of technological imagination >>
* Nasa releases ‘beautiful’ images of the sun (video) >>

* Microsoft at Work on Meshing Its Products With Skype >>
* Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo for iPhone, iPad locks data by fingerprint and smart card (video) >>
* Researchers create glasses that indicate obstacles to patients with visual handicaps >>

* Station Astronauts Say Dragon is Plenty Roomy for Hauling Big Crews to Orbit >>
* Tokyo Toilet Tour! A Photo Walk Through Toto’s High-Tech Showroom >>
* How Face(.com) Recognition Could Fit Into Facebook Mobile >>

* Engineer Guy vs. The Smartphone Accelerometer >>
* The Future of Physics (2 Letters) >>
* New research suggests apes have human-like personalities >>

* Intel previews 1Gbps DOCSIS 3.0 gateway capability >>
* Birds got smart by becoming big babes >>
* Is that smile real or fake? >>

* Virtual patient under the knife on hi-tech operating table >>
* What’s killing supercentenarians? Amyloidosis, suggest two gerontologists >>

* “Divorce Hotel” Coming Soon To Reality TV? >>
* Can you marry youself? Apparently so, this women did? >>

* Electromagnetic depression treatment nears approval >>
* The world’s largest solar thermal power plant >>
* How to peer within nanoparticles to see atomic structure in 3D >>

* Why Women Date Weaklings [Science] >>
* Making Microscopic Machines Using Metallic Glass >>
* Kickstarter and Crowdfunding >>

* Internet Guru Robert Scoble Says Twitter Feels A Lot Like A Ghost Town >>
* Top Viral Videos Of The Week: Everyone Watched This 4-Second Clip Of A Girl Kicking Herself In The Face >>
* The Emergence of Collective Intelligence >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 May 2012 >>

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