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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 April 2012

* New brain-machine interface moves a paralyzed hand >>
* Barobo’s Mobot goes up for pre-order, slinks toward your impressionable children (video) >>
* AT&T Translator app hands-on: smashing the language barrier (video) >>

* Robot Readable World Shows Us Life Through the Eyes of Machines >>
* Huoratron’s Software Would Generate New Remix for Every Download >>
* Brain artery model simulates cerebral function >>

* Moving Asteroids by leveraging Gravitational Manifolds >>
* Bio-Acoustics, Haptic Steering Wheels, RFID Everywhere: This is the Future According to AT&T [Video] >>
* Kidney stone mystery solved >>

* How the First Life on Earth Struggled to Survive >>
* NIST mini-sensor measures magnetic activity in human brain >>
* Nature-inspired, first 3D-printed car body may set the pace for a new mode of manufacturing >>

* The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver is now a real thing [Video] >>
* If this video doesn’t make you grin like an idiot, there might be something wrong with you [Video] >>
* Could a microwave save your electronics during an EMP attack? [Video] >>

* More questions than answers: Six-legged baby has extra limbs removed >>
* Neal Stephenson on science fiction, building towers 20 kilometers high … and insurance >>
* Nanomaterials offer new hope for cerebral palsy >>

* The World’s First Transgenic, ‘Handmade’ Cloned Sheep is Alive and Well in China >>
* Groundbreaking device improves laser accuracy in surgeries >>
* Contour Crafting printing structures on the moon >>

* Printable Spacecraft >>
* Self-Inflating Tubes Let You Control Your Bike’s Tire Pressure While Riding >>
* First atomic-scale real-time movies of platinum nanocrystal growth in liquids >>

* Could computers ever beat the best ‘go’ players? Although unthinkable, this could soon become possible >>
* Magnetic Josephson effect’ seen for the first time >>

* Neal Stephenson Takes Blame For Innovation Failure >>
* Cryobots Could Drill Into Icy Moons With Remote Fiber-Optic Laser Power >>
* Reverse Innovation and the Myth of Cannibalization >>

* Google Drive Interface Leaked in Employee Presentation >>
* Why Innovators Don’t Always Win >>
* Qbo Robots Now Up for Pre-Order >>

* The Whole Story on Dark Matter >>
* IEEE: The science of mind reading is further along than you might think >>

* No proof found that gum disease causes heart disease or stroke >>

* Details around Asteroid Retrieval plans and what is in the Near Earth Asteroids >>
* For the First Time, Electrons are Observed Splitting into Smaller Quasi-Particles >>
* Discovery Departs >>

* Serious Blow to Dark Matter Theories? >>
* Upgrades to Killer Drone Could Make It Fly for 2 Days Straight >>
* The Secret of Perfect Tightrope Walking [Mad Science] >>

* Artificially evolved enzyme could protect us against nerve gas attacks [Biology] >>
* ‘Seeing’ Cosmic Rays in Space >>
* New brain-machine interface moves a paralyzed hand >>

* Lockheed Martin extends 3D printing to manufacturing and custom vehicles. >>
* Cryobots Could Drill Into Icy Moons With Remote Fiber-Optic Laser Power >>
* To control a network, find the pattern >>

* Scientists show how social interaction and teamwork lead to human intelligence >>
* The Next Generation of Scientists (Infographic) >>
* Milky Way Appears to be Void of Dark Matter: The Mystery of Dark Matter Deepens >>

* YouTube Improves Audio Editing With New Interface and More Tracks >>
* Why some countries succeed and others fail? >>

* Discovery Enters Eternal Smithsonian Home as Historic Relic >>
* Is R&D Really The Secret Sauce? >>
* In Google’s Moon Race, Teams Face a Reckoning >>
* Nanocoating Encourages Bone Growth in Hip Replacements >>

* Create a Stop-Motion Masterpiece With ‘Lego Super Hero Movie Maker’ >>
* iiNet: ISP Not Liable For BitTorrent Piracy, High Court Rules >>
* Discovery Enters Eternal Smithsonian Home as Historic Relic >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 April 2012 >>

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