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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 March 2012

* Zapping asteroids and space debris with a swarm of satellites firing lasers >>
* 10 Billion Earth-Like Planets May Exist in Our Galaxy >>
* DARPA’s ex-director shows new vids of crazy projects in TEDTalk >>

* Atmospheric Breathing Electric Thruster for Planetary Exploration Power >>
* Metallic Hydrogen: A Game Changing Rocket Propellant >>
* Here’s How Law Enforcement Cracks Your iPhone’s Security Code (Video) >>

* ‘Thermal cloak’ hides objects from heat >>
* 13-Billion-Year-Old Alien Worlds Discovered >>
* A Hybrid Car With Detachable Engine Proposed >>

* Nokia Puts a Price on the Phone that Could Define Its Future >>
* Edward Miller The Basic Income Is Dead >>
* Change Your Brain, Change Your Life >>

* Origin of Modern Cows Traced to Single Herd >>
* New plastics ‘bleed’ when cut or scratched — and then heal like human skin >>
* Albert Einstein brain samples go on display >>

* The Automation of Tissue Engineering is Underway >>
* Historic Face Transplant Includes Teeth and Bone >>
* NASA Wants You to Find Hubble’s Next Iconic Image >>

* Vibrating Car Seats Ensure Your Butt’s the First To Know About Dangers >>
* 3D Printing Industry Will Reach $3.1 Billion Worldwide by 2016 >>
* Take a train through the Swiss Alps with Street View >>

* Cops Can Crack an iPhone In Under Two Minutes >>
* Japanese handshaking robot [Video] >>
* Video: The First Footage from James Cameron’s Record-Setting Dive to Challenger Deep >>

* Writing graphene circuitry with ion ‘pens’ >>
* Researchers create living human gut-on-a-chip >>
* Researchers use nanoparticles, magnetic current to damage cancerous cells in mice >>

* Gene discovery may soothe chronic pain >>
* Join in the Discussion of the Future of Human Spaceflight, Live from SEDS >>
* Brain Surgery, Fixing the Space Station’s Toilet and Orbital Cremation >>

* Algorithm Spells the End for Professional Musical Instrument Tuners >>
* One drug to shrink all tumors >>
* Dealing with ‘range anxiety’: wireless highways to charge electric cars >>

* The drone threat — in the US >>
* AI expert Ben Goertzel on Coast to Coast radio March 28 >>
* The Black Queen Hypothesis: Basis of a new evolutionary theory >>

* Small Reactors Make a Bid to Revive Nuclear Power >>
* New field of chemistry has potential for making drugs inside patients — and more >>
* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 March 2012 >>

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