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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 January 2012

* Michelle Borkin: Astronomical Medicine >>
* T-rays technology could help develop Star Trek-style hand-held medical scanners >>
* Crowdsourced ‘Star Wars Uncut: The Director’s Cut’ Debuts on YouTube [VIRAL VIDEO] >>

* New mathematical study reveals that our Galaxy should have been colonized by now >>
* Could IBM’s Watson be your next personal shopping assistant? >>
* Researchers Say Children With DNA From Three Parents Only Three Years Away >>

* Self-Adjusting Headlamp Knows If You Want To See Near Or Far [Video] >>
* WATCH: Mind blowing day/night time-lapses of Yosemite >>
* A History of Science Fiction >>

* When Robotic Warfare Goes Wrong – Do We Need New Rules of Combat? >>
* Patrick Tucker Solar Power from the Moon >>
* Uploaded.to Blocks US Visitors After MegaUpload Shutdown >>

* Researchers engineer a switch to tame aggressive cancers >>
* Car Seat To Act Like A Touchscreen Thanks To New ‘Smart Fabric’ >>
* It Only Takes a Click to Be Part of an Anonymous Attack [VIDEO] >>

* Megaupload Saga Drives Painful Lesson of Cloud Storage Permanence >>
* Y Combinator To Startups: Kill Hollywood >>
* Does Math Really Exist? >>

* Wireless add-on lets you stream video from anywhere without a PC >>
* Understanding PIPA / SOPA & Why You Should Be Concerned >>
* Scientists design solar cells that exceed the conventional light-trapping limit >>

* Feds, Please Return My Personal Files Stored at MegaUpload! >>
* 6 Scientific Discoveries That Laugh in the Face of Physics >>
* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 January 2012 >>

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