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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 December 2011

* Samsung shows us what their flexible tablet technology could look like [Video] >>
* Darpa’s ‘Social Interaction’ Sensors >>
* Astronomers confirm ‘Earth twin’ >>

* Voyager 1 hits new region at solar system edge >>
* Flying robots build structure >>
* You can’t run from the cop car of the future >>

* First Molybdenite microchip >>
* Rise of the TIMBIs >>
* The Physics of why the e-Cat’s Cold Fusion Claims Collapse >>
* Giant Casimir Effect Predicted Inside Metamaterials >>

* DARPA’s Almost-Impossible Challenge to Reconstruct Shredded Documents: Solved >>
* Video: International Cell Race Clocks Cells Speeding Along Microscopic Race Tracks, For Science >>
* Simulations predict 3D arrays of carbon nanotubes will be stiffer than carbon nanotubes tougher than diamond >>

* Proton beam experiments open new areas of research >>
* Single-molecule electronic switch supports six logic states >>
* Neurons illuminate as they fire, may open new ways to trace brain signals >>

* Reliability of quantum key distribution for encryption ‘proven,’ say Swiss researchers >>
* Eric Drexler: how exploratory engineering will lead to future nanotechnologies >>
* Sub-10 nm Nanofabrication via Nanoimprint Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers and other tools at Berkely labs >>

* Spray Painting Cancer Cells >>
* Virtual Childbirth Simulator Predicts Likelihood of Normal Birth Based on MRI of Mother and Fetus >>
* Microsoft Updating Xbox Interface; Adding Voice Search >>
* Hybrid Memory cube with 3D memory and 10 times the data speed should be commerially available in 2 years >>

* Grading the Digital School: Khan Academy Blends Its YouTube Approach With Classrooms >>
* Cloned mammoths to be reality in 5 years? >>
* How Exploratory Engineering Will Lead to Future Nanotechnologies >>

* Astronaut Plays Baseball by Himself in Space >>
* Lockheed Martin shows us how it’s getting Orion ready to explore the cosmos >>
* Eye Tracking Could be the Next Natural User Interface >>

* World’s Fastest Cells Raced On Petri Dish >>
* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1-4 December 2011 >>

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