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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 September 2011

* Scientists developing “stay-sober pill” >>
* Nissan Developing Mind-Reading Cars That Anticipate Drivers’ Next Moves and Act Accordingly >>

* Wi-Fi networks could detect your breathing and pinpoint your location >>
* Amazon Kindle Fire impressions (video) >>

* Army Developing Drones That Can Recognize Your Face From a Distance >>
* What would really happen if you nuked a volcano? [Video] >>
* Ice Cream Sandwich gets a two-minute tour, courtesy of a lucky eBay shopper (video) >>

* The forever recession (and the coming revolution) >>
* Andrew Maynard Emerging Technologies and Sustainability: What’s risk got to do with it? >>

* Top 10 Programming Languages >>
* Skype update for iOS adds anti-shake, Bluetooth connectivity and ads for freeloaders >>
* Why does the Earth have a liquid core? [Starts With A Bang] >>

* BullDog: A Bigger, Scarier Version of BigDog Gets Closer to the Battlefield >>
* Europe Launches $41-Million Project to Map Human Epigenome >>
* FYI: Can Wireless Electricity Kill People? >>

* City-Size Neutron Stars Collide, Unleash Radio Shockwaves >>
* Colleges struggle with students’ data demand >>
* LHC Discovers the Proton’s Big “Ego” >>

* Why the highest-paid doctors are the most vulnerable to automation. >>
* Millesecond memory: ‘Teleportation’ of rats sheds light on how the memory is organized >>
* Transplants entering era of restoring pre-injury form and function >>

* Rare monster star has spewed four suns >>
* ‘Darker Than Black’ Metamaterial Promises Better Solar Cells >>
* Violent Sunspot Group AR 1302 Unleashes a Flare >>

* Fermilab stops hunting Higgs, starts neutrino quest >>
* ‘Light-speed’ neutrinos point to new physical reality >>
* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 September 2011 >>

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