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Futureseek Weekly Review 22-28 March 2011

* Scientists plan to drill all the way down to the Earth’s mantle >>
* Sperm grown in a test tube >>
* Superconductor Research Points To New Phase of Matter >>

* Antimatter of Fact: Most Massive Antinucleus Yet >>
* Ramez Naam Key Trends of the Next 25 Years >>
* Microsoft explains the tech behind Kinect >>

* Can you hear me now? How neurons decide how to transmit information >>
* Optical imaging method shows brain multiplexing >>

* New plastic processor and printed memory enable the first plastic computer >>
* Mini horse gets prosthetic leg >>

* There might be two billion Earth-like planets just in our galaxy >>
* Laser Space Telescope Could Test for Vanishing Dimensions >>
* Cold ‘Star’ No Hotter Than a Summer’s Day >>

* Space-Time Could It Be a Mirage? New Theory Says Yes >>
* Scientists get glimpse of how the ‘code’ of life may have emerged >>
* Researchers show off scalable architecture for quantum computing, expand our minds >>

* Unibased Universal test of intelligent for nonbiological systems, animals and humans >>
* Watson’s Day Job? Using Computers To Fight Crime >>
* Artificial clouds ‘to cool Qatar’ during World Cup >>

* Solar-Powered Eye Sensor >>
* Philip Moriarty Discusses Mechanosynthesis with Sander Olson >>
* New Idea for Mars Exploration: Roaming Robot Swarms With Honeybee Instincts >>

* First student-developed mission in which satellites orbit and communicate led by UT students >>
* Robot Domination: Automated Factory Sorts, Seals, and Ships With Little Human Contact >>

* Discovery may lead to cure for drug addiction >>
* Mechanical bird flaps its wing to fly, just like the real thing >>
* Solar powered cell phone film – Bye, bye big batteries and so long outlets >>

Futureseek Weekly Papers
* http://paper.li/futureseek/paper/2011/03/28
* http://paper.li/futureseek/paper/2011/03/27
* http://paper.li/futureseek/paper/2011/03/26
* http://paper.li/futureseek/paper/2011/03/25
* http://paper.li/futureseek/paper/2011/03/24
* http://paper.li/futureseek/paper/2011/03/23
* http://paper.li/futureseek/paper/2011/03/22

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