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Tristans Daily Link Review; 30 July Feb 2010

* Augmented Reality: Earthmine SDK for Flash >>
* Car batteries to run your house: Used electric car batteries, secret to cheap power >>
* Exclusive: I Used BlindType, Virtual Keyboard of the Future >>
* Prostate cancer ‘cell of origin’ identified >>
* Life on Mars? Rocks may contain fossilised remains of life >>
* The New Science of Morality (in Video) >>

* The Future Of #Mobile Needs Major Change -… >>
* Mike Treder Convergence, Disruption, and Resilience >>
* Interview with Craig Venter: ‘We Have Learned Nothing from the Genome’ >>
* Graphene Under Strain Creates Pseudo-Magnetic Fields Equivalent tt 300 Tesla >>

* Genome Surprise: Guinea Pigs Have Ebola! >>
* Island Monkeys Give Clues to Origins of HIV’s Ancestor >>
* Hitachi shows off new gesture-based interface, touts grand plans >>
* What You Want: Flickr Creator Spins Addictive New Web Service >>
* Last Shuttle Mission Will Test 3-D Video Docking System For Shuttle’s Replacement >>

* Longest Pinhole Exposure Ever Is Also Most Beautiful [Photography] >>
* Hacker Develops Program To Make ATMs Spit Out Free Cash [Atm] >>
* This Wind-Powered Cart Is Actually Faster Than The Wind [Wind] >>

* Quantum phenomenon observed: Atoms form organized structure from unorganized one >>
* Xixidu News for 2010-07-29 >>
* Evolution of the Neck Gave Brain a Leg up >>
* Satellite quantum communication circles closer >>

* Computer game helps nurses master drug calculations >>
* Inside TRAK: a new robot shows us how we think >>
* Using exploding nanoparticles to insert DNA and proteins into cells >>
* Alzheimer’s unlocked: New keys to a cure >>
* Tristans Daily Link Review; 29 July Feb 2010 >>

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