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Tristans Daily Link Review; 29 March Feb 2010

* Webcast schedule for the LHC First Physics event  Link
* Its Time to Cross the Beams! LHC to Commence First Proton Smashing Link
* How huge particle detectors actually detect tiny particles Link

* Replacement Bones, Grown to Order in the Lab Link
* Video: VASIMR Plasma Rocket Quickest Trip to Mars Link
* A Samsung Robot In Every Home By 2020? Link
* The iPad needs its HyperCard Link
* For First Time, Researchers Harvest Raw Electric Current Directly From Algae Link
* Artificial Muscle ramps up- expect touchscreens that push back in 2011 Link

* Samsung Ships 40nm-class, 32-Gigabyte Memory Module Link
* Stephen Hawking: Humans are Entering a Stage of Self-Designed Evolution Link
* How To Think Like Bill Gates Link
* Using a Market Economy Link
* Why Dark Coffee Is Easier on Your Stomach Link
* Building Microtissues with Cells Coated with Sticky Bits of DNA Link
* SETI’s Best Chance: Find the Beacon Link
* Could Turning the Oceans Into a Giant Bubble Bath Cool the Planet? Link

* Diamond Nanowire Emits One Photon at a Time Link
* stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in water droplets Link
* Geoengineer Floats Climate Change Scheme: Blowing Bubbles in the Sea Link
* Shelley, Stanford’s robotic car, goes before the cameras (w/ Video) Link
* Take a look: transparent solar panels Link
* New Braille display finally delivers the whole Internet to the blind Link
* The Open Graph Viz Platform http://gephi.org/
* Personal-futures-and-the-center-of-future-gravity Link
* An Insider’s Look At Singularity University Link

* Found: Smallest Superconductor Ever; Could Enable Next-Gen Nanoscale Electronics Link
* Pentagon: Replace Human Intel With High-Tech Guard Dog Link
* How-To: Make a piece of translucent concrete Link
* Our sex lives. Their agenda Link
* new nVidia graphics chip – have you seen what this sucker can do? Link
* My cyberspace bill of rights Link

* Does Your Passion Match Your Aspiration? Link
* James Lovelock: Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change Link
* Demand For Unmanned Aircraft Outstripping Their Capabilities Link
* Scientists Reverse Alzheimer’s-Like Memory Loss in Fruit Flies Link
* What’s up with nanotech? Link
* A User’s Guide To the Universe Link
* The State of the Internet Operating System Link

* Addicted to Fat: Overeating May Alter the Brain as Much as Hard Drugs Link
* VIDEO: Sorting device, analyzing biological reactions puts lab in researcher’s pocket Link
* How Sandstorms Generate Spectacular Lightning Displays Link
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