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Tristans Daily Link Review; 28 March Feb 2010

* No Flash On The iPad? No Problem. Brightcove Turns Videos Into HTML5. Link
* Harvard Professor Makes Inhalable Coffee, No Cup Required Link
* Rather than emitting light, a time reversed laser absorbs it. Perfectly. Link
* Jedi Packet Trick punches holes in firewalls Link
* Chinese Root Server Shut Down After DNS Problem Link
* HTC HD2 gets early Windows Phone 7 OS port, released before official devices Link
* Will Your Car Tell You To Put Down the Phone? Link
* Ageing spies unable to use the internet Link

* Titanium leaves could unlock hydrogen power Link
* Telecom Industry Ripe for Consolidation Link
* Ten Commands for a Digital Age Link
* Start the search for a doctor before the stampede Link
* Can Science Explain Heaven? Link
* Wow, talk about CSI coming to life Link

* Using Nanotechnology in Cancer Research Link
* Pocket science – sperm races and poison-stealing voles Link
* Does God Have A Future? Link
* Is Time Travel Possible? — Part II Link
* 10 new technologies that will revolutionise your life Link
* The Future Of Privacy Is Full Publicy Link
* What Happened After The Aliens Ended WW2 And A Werewolf Baby-Shooting Western Link
* Brain scan shows awareness in vegetative patients Link

* Revealing the truth about makeup Link
* Tiny gold probes give scientists a sense of how disease develops Link
* Machines Take Center Stage at Robot Olympics Link
* Nanoparticles Unlock Tumor Identity Link
* A mission to clear dangerous debris from space (w/ Video) Link
* Hubble Builds 3D Dark Matter Map Link

* Tiny cube to tackle space debris  Link
* Beta-blockers cut cancer spread  Link
* Luring Out The Missing Biosphere Link
* Steps Towards Post scarcity: Why Current Financial Crisis is End of the World As We Know It Link
* Nanomagical Material Can Make Nuclear Reactors Safer Link
* David Brin: The Transparent Society: Part 1 Link
* Technology For 2010-2020 – Ramping to a Later Technological Singularity Link
* Augmented Reality in Heavy Rain Link

* An Introduction to Parallel Programming with MapReduce Link
* Eye Computer: Turning Vision Into A Programmable Computer Link
* Statistical machine learning for computational biology Link
* Dormant viruses hide in our DNA and passed from parent to child Link
* The FDA and Methuselah Link
* Is the Man Flu a Reality? Link
* Laser warfare takes to the waves  Link

* Thoughts on Fusion Power for Space Travel  Link
* Philosopher: Why we should ditch religion Link
* Actually, What We Need Is MORE Foreclosures, Not Fewer. And Soon. Link
* Earth ‘entering new age of geological time Link
* The Death of The Web Browser Link
* 1st Choice for Extraterrestrial Life: Saturn’s Titan or Jupiter’s Europa? Link
* Individual Light Atoms, Such as Carbon and Oxygen, Identified With New Microscope Link
* Gene-Targeted Cancer Fix Could Be a Breakthrough Link

* Wildcat: When Will We Become Cyborgs?-IEEE Spectrum:: Link
* Christopher Harris: The World-Wide-Mind project: Link
* Alexander Kruel: YouTube – A Turing Machine – Overview: Link
* Wildcat: Will 90 be the new 40?
* Wildcat: Gestures linked to language  Link
* Alexander: Human morality is flexible, especially given strong competitive pressures.: Link
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