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Tristans Daily Link Review; 27 March Feb 2010

* Video: Dawkins on the Evolution of the Eye Link
* Video: SU: NASA Astronaut Dan Barry – Space & Robots Link
* Video: Hanako Showa dental patient robot Link
* Nanoparticles Cooperate to Detect and Treat Tumors Link
* First attempt colliding particles at 7 TeV webcast from 8:30am 30 March Link

* Video: HP Demos Rollup Flexible Displays Link
* Can Science Explain Heaven? Link
* Green Innovation: A Company That Picks Up Your Trash And Pays You For It Link
* America, the fragile empire Link
* Prolonged Climatic Stress Main Reason for Mass Extinction 65 Million Years Ago Link
* Artificial leaves could help power machines of future Link

* Dawn of the Anthropocene Epoch? Earth Has Entered New Age of Geological Time Link
* Men do not grow grumpy with age, research finds Link
* With Processor Speeds Stagnating, Looking Beyond Silicon Toward Comp’s Future Link
* Carrier-based attack drone, the X-47B Link
* Drone Attacks Are Legit Self-Defense, Says State Dept. Lawyer Link
* Nanomagical Material Can Make Nuclear Reactors Safer Link

* New, Ancient Way Of Making Oxygen Discovered Link
* U.K. Kids Start Social Networking Way Under the Age Limit  Link
* Watch the iPhone Control a Mars Rover on Earth Link
* How It Works: The Next-Gen Wind Turbine Link

* How Plants Secretly Control The Food Chain Link
* Todays Picture Collection Selection. Link
* George H Miley Presentation on Nuclear Fusion Rockets and Spaceplanes Link
* No Simple Theory of Everything Inside the Enigmatic E8, Researcher Says Link
* Researchers discover new path to antibiotics Link
* Could Tiny Bubbles Cool the Planet? Link

* How you emerge from your brain Link
* Virtual ears help architects cut chatter confusion Link
* Robots, part III – The Big Picture Link
* CHIPS: Intel-backed research yields spintronic breakthrough Link

* Astronomers Find 90% More Universe! Link
* Deformed Galaxies Confirm Universe’s Acceleration  Link
* Luring Out The Missing Biosphere Link

* Bee Killer Still at Large; New Evidence Makes Pesticides a Prime Suspect Link
* Simple Questions/ Challenging Answers | h+ Magazine Link
* Did rapid brain evolution make humans susceptible to Alzheimers? Link

* Was CRN Wrong? Link
* Natural selection & recombination in the human genome Link
* IEET: The Transparent Society: Part 1 Link
* New Hypersonic Rocket Test Launched in Australia  Link
* Video: Using Brain Scans for Psychiatric Diagnosis Link
* brainwindows blog Link
* Personality Disorder or Bipolar? Link
* Egg donors offered up to $50,000 Link
* How much is a human egg worth? Link
* Dark Matter: We don’t understand everything Link
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