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Tristans Daily Link Review; 26 March Feb 2010

* Video: Computer-Controlled Bacteria Build a Miniature Pyramid Link
* Video: Net-Enabled Robot Robovie MR2 Is a Gigantic Leap Forward in Cuteness Link
* Video: Robot Makes Laughable Attempt At Simulating Dentist Chair Discomfort Link
* Video: pCubee Interactive Display Puts 3D In Three Dimensions Link
* Insanely Hi-Res Z-Contrast Photos Can Determine Which Atoms Are Which  Link
* Video: Phone call emotion analyzer is a winner Link
* Text 2.0 Eye-Tracking Reading Companion: Crazy Or Crazy Awesome? Link

* Breakthrough Enables Previously Impossible Semiconductors and Nanomaterials to be Created Link
* Willow Garage Robot Expert Kurt Konolige Interviewed by Sander Olson Link
* Video of Dean Kamen at FIRST Robotics Competition Link
* Video: Aikon II Robot Drawing a Face With a Pen Link
* Video: Follow ups on Organ Printing and Nanoparticle Delivery of RNA in Humans Link
* Video: NY+empathy+Robot Love+cooperation->Kacie Kinzer Link

* Video: TED: Joel Levine: Why we need to go back to Mars Link
* Mars Rover Finds Weird Rocks, Hits 20-Km Marker Link
* SHOUTING AT COSMOS …How SETI has Taken a Worrisome Turn Into Dangerous Territory Link
* Universe may have billions more stars Link
* Hubble confirms the accelerated expansion of the universe Link
* New Evidence that Mysterious Dark Force From Outside Tugs at Our Universe Link
* Galaxy Collisions Give Birth to Quasars Link
* Complete collapse of coral possible Linki
* Tyrannosaurs Roamed Southern Hemisphere, Too Link

* Video: TEDMED Anne Wojcicki latest in consumer genomic testing Link
* Nanoparticles and RNA: Now In Humans Link
* This Is the Future of the Fight Against Cancer Link
* Up to a third of breast cancers could be avoided Link
* video: Wired for Bad Behavior? Don’t Blame It on Your Genes Link
* Scientists Uncover Cells That Mend a Broken Heart Link
* Birds Fuel Up on Super Foods Before Migrating Link
* New insights into the 3-D organization of the human genome Link
* High Visualization: Winners of Siemens CT Contest Link
* New Cancer Biomarker May Herald Personalized Medicine Link
* Researchers develop more sophisticated ways to control the brain with light Link

* Presents Your Future Two-Wheeled Electric Ride for the City Link
* Roll out the nanowires Link
* Real-World Virtual Reality Link

* How To Search Google Uncensored In China Link
* How To Make Projections That Actually Mean Something Link
* Executive Bonus Pay Changes Screw With Wall Street Divorces Link
* Japan’s $50 Trillion Question Could Have A Catastrophic Answer Link

* James Cameron Says 3-D Coming to Mobile Devices Sans Glasses Link
* New glasses-free 3D tech uses per pixel prisms for zero crosstalk, audience flexibility Link
* 3-D Tabletop Display Gets Rid of the Glasses Link
* If Only Every Display Would Let You Grope It Link
* Giveaway: iClone4 PRO real-time animation software! Link
* GUI Toolkit, Framework Page Link
* Play Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online for free in your browser Link
* Eye-Tracking Will Be The New Click-Throughs Link
* The X-Woman’s Fingerbone : Comments Link

* chrisgrayson: Multi-marker Augmented Reality experience for @Toyota VIDEO: Link
* Wildcat: NY+empathy+Robot Love+cooperation->Kacie Kinzer: Link
* Wildcat: Magnetic monopole experiment at CERN could rewrite laws of physics: Link
* Alexander Kruel: NEWS FLASH: multiverse theory proven right: Link
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