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Tristans Daily Link Review; 25 March Feb 2010

* Students put together the best interactive display wall we’ve seen yet Link
* Hunt for Elusive Dark Matter Goes Virtual Link
* New human species found in Siberia | The Guardian Link
* Opportunity Mars Rover Gets AI Upgrade, Decides For Itself What to Explore Next Link
* At the Forefront of the Next Industrial Revolution – O’Reilly Radar Link
* Mind over matter? How your body does your thinking – New Scientist Link
* Coverage of Caltech’s “Cancer Fighting” Nanoparticles is Over-Hyped and Premature Link

* Unleashing the Camcorder Within Your Phone, via Apps Link
* First Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor Sensor Chip Has 1536 FET sensors Link
* iPhone App From ScanR Puts Scanner and Fax Machine in Your Hands (video) Link
* Naval research laboratory takes a close look at unique diamonds Link
* New Model Looks Beneath Jupiter’s Clouds Link
* Seeing a Bionic Eye on Medicine’s Horizon Link
* Terrorists Could Use Explosives in Breast Implants to Crash Planes Link

* immersed in Google Earth Link
* Love, sex and the male brain Link
* The X-Woman’s Fingerbone Link
* Robotic surgery not evolving quickly enough, say docs Link
* Emotions Key to Judging Others: New Piece of How Human Brain Constructs Morality Link

* New Motion Control Patent Could Shake Up Smartphone Industry Link
* TED: Alan Siegel: Let’s simplify legal jargon! Link
* New Robots Build Prototype Solar Cells in 30 Minutes, Then Evaluate Their Own Work Link
* Tsunami Generator Helps Protect Against Future Tsunamis Link
* 250-Foot Whirlpool That Has Existed For Hundreds Of Years Off The Coast Of Maine Link
* The Best Robo-One Vids: Combat, Carnage and At Least One Jacko Tribute Link

* DARPA Bounces Smart Radar Off Buildings To Track Individual Vehicles From the Sky Link
* GM’s EN-V Drives Your Tired (or Drunk) Self Home Automatically Link
* Bending Gravity, Researchers Capture Star-Birthing Region 10 Billion Light Years Away Link
* MIT boffins on track of portable 60-watt seawater desalinator Link
* First pilot to fly plane into space dies Link
* China Population predicted to Peak Below 1.4 billion in 2026 Link
* Scientists believe birds can teach us about healthy eating Link

* Research Offers Clue Into How Hearts Can Regenerate in Some Species Link
* Could robots help older people look after themselves Link
* How 1918 flu antibodies fend off swine flu Link
* Scripps research team finds structure of ‘swine flu’ virus Link
* Light controls matter, matter controls x-rays Link
* Hunt for Elusive Dark Matter Goes Virtual Link
* Neuroscientists don’t believe in souls–But that doesn’t mean they can’t sell theirs Link

* 1.5 trillion text messages sent in 2009 Link
* Who Should Own Your Smartphone? Link
* DEMO Spring: Automatic Emotion Detection Technology Wins Grand Prize Link
* Photoshop CS5 content-aware fill demo Link
* Gmail Now Warns You If It Thinks Someone Else Is Using Your Account Link

* Nanowire Polymer Film Turns Any Surface into a Multitouch Interface (video) Link
* Who Wants to Live Forever? World’s Only Immortal Animal Link
* Bending Gravity, Researchers Capture Star-Birthing Region 10 Billion Light Years Away Link
* Multitaskers may be falling behind Link
* Remembering the future: Our brain saves energy by predicting what it will see Link
* Education 2.o–not afraid of Second Life! Link

* Ashalynd: Start BitTorrent downloads remotely with Dropbox, updated: Link
* Wildcat: “A social network is a social structure made of nodes …. Link
* Alexander Kruel: Education 2.o – not afraid of Second Life!: Link
* Alexander Kruel: A change of mind: Link
* Alexander Kruel: The Brain: Look Deep Into the Mind’s Eye: Link
* Alexander Kruel: Brain Preservation Technology Prize, Link
* Alexander Kruel: Our Place in the Universe: Link
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Researchers identify cell surface receptors that enable herpes viruses to.. Link
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