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Tristans Daily Link Review; 22 March Feb 2010

* Nanotech robots deliver gene therapy through blood Link
* Dual-Purpose Nanoparticles Spot Residual Tumors, Improves Cancer Surgery Link
* Forget IQ, Collective Intelligence is the New Measure of Smart (video) Link
* Are You Ready For The 21st Century ? Link
* Broader Perspective: Semiconductor roadmap updates Link
* Scientists supersize quantum mechanics Link
* Device to convert seawater offers hope to parched lands Link
* Direct Injection of Gold Nanoparticles Into Tumors Opens New Treatment for Cancer Link

* New Chip Offers Virtual Windows Desktops, On TVs Link
* Wilczek: What is Space? Link
* Wireless Controlled from the Cloud Link
* What’s fair? Societal structures, not human nature, teach us Link
* Cambridge discovery could pave the way for quantum computing Link
* Researchers reconstruct 3-D hand movement using brain signals Link

* Empathy – How Much is Too Much? Link
* Spy in the sky that sees round corners Link
* Amazing sculptures that look like they are in motion Link
* Academic Paper in China Sets Off Alarms in U.S. Link
* Facebook: why we can’t live without it Link
* Augmented reality travel app bolsters smartphone Link

* Speaking up for scientists Link
* Minister: China’s Export Surplus Is Already Gone Link
* siRNA Nanoparticles Can Silence Cancer Genes in Humans Link
* Early galaxy went through teenage growth spurt, scientists say Link
* Sex on the brain: ‘Doublesex’ gene key to determining fruit fly gender Link

* Newly identified growth factor promotes stem cell growth, regeneration Link
* Multicore Requires OS Rework, Windows Expert Says Link
* The path to 10 Billion tweets Link
* Unprecedented Eruption Catches Astronomers By Surprise Link
* Featured Designer: Andrew Hoffmann Link
* Worker shortage coming as population ages: report Link

* Eric Logan: Bart Stupak vows ‘yes’ in health care vote. What comes next? Link
* Alexander Kruel: Dogs Offer Clues to Self-Control: Link
* Alexander Kruel: 41 Lectures: Midrasha on Probability and Geometry: Link
* Christopher Harris: Neural network based adaptive control for autonomous flight Link
* Wildcat: Internet The End of Culture? Link
* Alexander Kruel: David Brin Space Exploration Discussion Videos: Link
* What would it mean to ignore most news and to concentrate on our present goals?” Link
* Spaceweaver: The money illusion :: Very Evolved: Link
* Alexander Kruel: In few billion years our descendants may spread across billions of galaxies.: Link
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