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Tristans Daily Link Review; 21 March Feb 2010

* Breakthrough for the quantum simulator: When ultra-cold atoms can be anything Link
* For One Tiny Instant, Physicists May Have Broken a Law of Nature  Link
* David Brin Space Exploration Discussion Videos Link
* How the LHC deals with runaway beams Link
* Human ancestors walked comfortably upright 3.6 million years ago, new footprint study Link

* Discovery gives insight into brain ‘replay’ process Link
* Biolgical clock could be a key to better health, longer life Link
* Acne Drug Prevents HIV Breakout Link
* Cubely: a new 3D printer? Link

* TEDMED Ken Kamler: Medical miracle on Everest Link
* Asking ‘what would nature do?’ leads to a way to break down a greenhouse gas Link
* LHC Smashes World Record -Will It Ultimately Reveal Signals from Another Universe?  Link
* Mouse work: New insights on a fundamental DNA repair mechanism Link
* Would You Pay $20 for Access to a Breast Cancer Cure? Link

* Star Trek-style force-field armour being developed by military scientists  Link
* Astronomy Picture of the Day  Link
* Queen invented phone, pupils say Link
* Too Many Choices: A Problem That Can Paralyze Link
* Microsoft SenseCam Review: What It’s Like to Record Your Whole Life Link
* Does Our DNA Carry the Memories of Our Ancestors? Link

* If Only We Were Smarter! Link
* Desktop Fun: Beaches Theme Wallpapers Link
* Top 25 Most Ancient Historical Photographs Link
* Will Discovery Be Go for Launch or Forced to Roll Back? Link
* Before and after Link
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