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Tristans Daily Link Review; 19 March Feb 2010

* Robot Gymnast Performs Again! Now With Automatic Hands (video) Link
* Roll to Roll Printed Nano-based RFID tags Uses Carbon Nanotube Infused Ink Link
* Incredible Video of Using Light to Control the Brain of Mice Link
* Avatars in Space Link

* First quantum effects seen in visible object Link
* Blocking cancer in its path: New cellular defect discovered Link
* The Evolution Of Symbolic Language Link
* Behavioral complexities of knowledge work Link
* Why is Helium so Scarce? Link

* Coping with Streams Link
* Vertical Farms (PHOTOS): The Future Of Sustainable Farming? Link
* Richard-Dawkins-interview-in-full Link
* If I were a lawyer, I would be a Space Lawyer Link
* The Speed of Gravity What the Experiments Say Link
* Nanotechnology breakthrough will help the war against terrorism Link

* Regator – a bit of the blogsphere? Link
* Accusations Fly in Viacom, YouTube Copyright Fight Link
* Mozilla introduces browser contacts integration — get the add-on now! Link
* Google’s New Marketplace Has over a Thousand Apps Link
* Google Calendar’s New Smart Rescheduler Finds a Time that Works for Everyone Link
* Windows Phone 7 Tablet Concept Should Be Real Link
* Bluetooth-Enabled ‘Smart Hip’ Monitors Joint Implants from Within the Body Link

* Video: F-35B supersonic stealth jumpjet hovers in midair like a UFO Link
* NIH to Create Public Database of Genetic Tests Link
* Using stem cells to mend damaged hips Link
* Songbirds provide insight into speech production Link
* Sharp Introduces 1/3.7-Type, 320,000-Pixel CMOS Camera Unit for Vehicle Use Link
* Dogs Likely Originated in the Middle East Link
* Females shut down male-male sperm competition in leafcutter ants Link
* SU biologists’ work with ‘glow-in-the-dark’ sperm sheds light on sexual selection Link
* Scanner scans a 200 page book in one minute (w/ Video) Link
* Boeing Completes Design of Shipboard Superlaser Link

* The Future of Memory Link
* Nanotechnology Breakthrough in Photoresist Self-Assembly Redux Link
* When Profit and Social Impact Unite Link
* 8 Fun Ways to Use the GM Augmented Reality Windshield Link
* Cody: Humanoid Mobile Manipulating Robot Link

* TED: Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world Link
* Innovation and the strength of the dollar Link
* Countdown: Jamais at KSC Link
* Quantum leap for phonon lasers Link
* Metamodern: Is 华大基因 doing science? Link

* Cambridge discovery could pave the way for quantum computing Link
* Violent Death in the Insect World: Stunning Photography Link
* Who lives in the eleventh dimension? – Parallel Universes – BBC science Link
* Social Superorganism and its Global Brain Link
* Robot Journalist Takes Pictures, Ask Questions, Publishes Online Link

* Alexander Kruel: Singularity: Nanotech or AI?: Link
* Alexander Kruel: Google TV Is Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You: Link
* Anibal M. Astobiza: eschatological!: WHAT MAKES A FART Link
* Reilly: Why do humans reason? Reasoning isn’t about logic (it’s about arg… Link
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